incorporating RAD-140 into my TRT programme


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First post here, will try to make it a simple one.

Background Info

- I've been weight lifting consistently for the last four years
- I have never ran a cycle of juice in the past and have no desire to, because of the potential side-effects and risks involved
- For almost a year now, I have been taking a daily dose of testosterone gel as prescribed by my Endocrinologist to relieve my symptoms of low testosterone
- The testosterone gel has brought my testosterone levels from rock bottom to the higher end of the normal range, while still remaining below supra physiological levels. It has helped with my mood, libido, energy, strength and muscle gains etc, however I am also noticing faster hair shedding and more acne outbursts because of it's androgenic nature.


My plan is to lower my prescribed dose of testosterone (with the consent of my endocrinologist) , and start running RAD-140 at about 20mg per day for 12 weeks to assist with the muscle and strength gains, but without the risk of androgenic sides that come with the higher doses of testosterone. Would lowering my testosterone dose but combining it with RAD-140 allow me to maintain my rapid muscle and strength gains with fewer risks of androgenic side effects? Also, could the 20mg of RAD-140 per day help to minimise any drop in mood, energy and libido that may come with lowering my testosterone levels from the high end of the spectrum to the mid/ low-mid range?

There is no problem adding rad to your TRT protocol. It can help big time. However it is not a replacement for testosterone. I wouldmt recommemd lowering your test dose at all. Stick to what is prescribed
you need to stay on your normal trt dose.. rad is NOT a replacement for trt and will not boost your levels in any way whatsoever... you can definitely use it with trt but its not going to replace it in any way whatsoever
Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies, I understand the points you are both making. Although I believe my wording may have given the wrong impression, as i do not intend to 'replace' my trt regimen with RAD-140.

Apologies for the confusion, I will try to convey my question in a more understandable way:
Right now I am at the high end of the natural spectrum of testosterone as opposed to where I was before TRT, which was at the very bottom of the normal spectrum: Thus I am currently reaping all of the benefits of having higher testosterone levels, but as a result I am also experiencing pretty bad acne and hair shedding. Initially my doctor and I had only intended to bring me from my low testosterone levels up to around the middle range, not the high range. So in essence the prescribed dosage has turned out to be somewhat excessive for both of our liking.

I wish to lower my testosterone dose to a level which allows me to retain the improved mood, energy and libido, but without experiencing as profound androgenic side effects. At the same time, i want to retain my current rate of muscle and strength gain as much as possible.

What I would like to know is whether, whilst reducing my testosterone dose to bring my levels from the high range to the middle range to avoid the excessive androgenic side effects, you believe it is realistic to consider the addition of a 12 week RAD-140 cycle @ 20mg per day to be powerful enough as an anabolic to maintain the current rate of strength and muscle gains I experience at the higher range of the normal testosterone spectrum?

Many thanks
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