New to SARMS but long time TRT


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I'm already kind of committed to this stack because I bought product last week but I wanted to make sure my dosages were safe for a first time cycle. My apologies in advance for doing this backwards. Live and learn.

I'm a 40 something guy with great numbers. Labs are consistently great, BP, body fat nominal for my age group. Dexafit scores me at a B+.

I'm bumping up my TRT Test C from 100mg/wk to 200mg. Ive been on TRT for 20 years so my body is used to test. Loves it in fact.

I plan on stacking 10mg/day of LGD-4033
w/ 15mg of RAD-140. I know Dylan recommends 20mg of RAD/day but I thought I'd dial it down a bit because of the LGD-4033.

This is a 12 wk plan.

From what Ive seen on some threads this is a light weight cycle but I'm okay with a gradual approach.

My goal is reasonable gains in strength and quantity lean mass. Perhaps 10 pounds.

I going to let this one play itself out but I'm open to ideas for future progressive cycles and if I'm doing anything glaringly stupid please let me know!
You're not going to gain 10 pounds on one cycle I don't care what it is

even with steroids 10 pounds on a cycle is going to be almost all water and some fat. If we gain 10 pounds per cycled and after five Cycles we gain 50 pounds of pure muscle that makes no sense and is physiologically impossible
you can run it how you like.. its a great stack and they go extremely well together.. you are not going to lessen sides by only going 5 mg less on rad though, so you understand.. its not like you are going to get some drastic difference in that regard but you will see a bit less on the gains side of things.. 20 mg is just fine with the 10 mg of lgd together
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