1. T

    Recovery from cosmetic limb surgery

    I have recently completed a limb lengthening surgery on my right femur due to discrepancy between my left and right leg (please do not ask me for more details, google the procedure if you will). I am now in the consolidation phase and need help to: *heal tissue damage from stretched tissue...
  2. M

    sarms to perform

    Hello, ive been reading the forum for a little while but just decided to write a post, im new to sarms and any kind of peds. i read about sarms in pills and how different brands have been selling pro hormones instead of the real stuff, i live in uk and after doing some research couldnt really...
  3. C

    Fat loss help

    Hello I’m looking to start a new cycle, but only this time I want fat loss. I was recently 5 weeks ago on S4 (Andarine) and GW. I liked my results. Lots of muscle, although my weight went up. The scale makes me bite my nails. I hate it. I’m 5.3-5.4 at 145 pounds. Went from 138 to 145. My...
  4. H

    incorporating RAD-140 into my TRT programme

    First post here, will try to make it a simple one. Background Info - I've been weight lifting consistently for the last four years - I have never ran a cycle of juice in the past and have no desire to, because of the potential side-effects and risks involved - For almost a year now, I have...
  5. Osmou

    What is strongest sarm for lean muscle?

    So, I have been trying to google strongest sarm for lean muscle and so far I havent found any information what could be the strongest one. I am currently using Ostarine and I have to say it works nicely! (Its my 11th day now) I am doing a full 50 day log about it for you all to see, once I...
  6. foxb

    Do SARMs build muscle without training?

    You here a lot of guys "complaining" that "it is not fair" you build more muscle on steroids without training than a natural working out hard. Studies have shown that as well. Does anyone know SARMs do this as well? And to what extent? Anyone experience taking SARMs and noticing muscle gains...
  7. K

    Most cost efficient Bulking SARM?

    Hey guys, Planning what to buy for next bulk cycle, was wondering GENERALLY SPEAKING what the most cost efficient bulking SARM is if you can only buy ONE 12 weeker. I.E best muscle to price ratio if that makes sense haha, assuming everything is on point of course. RAD is cheaper than LGD but...
  8. K

    Calorie Cycling and SARMS

    Due to my constantly changing work hours and access to food, I have unintentionally been following the caloric cycling (zig zag). I am 4 weeks into a GW, Osta and LGD cycle, and switched last week from a deficit of 400 cals to maintenance (2000 calories, slow metabolism) in an attempt to build...
  9. K

    Triple Stack and Maintenance cals - what to expect?

    sup guys, 4 weeks into a GW, Osta, S4 cut and ALREADY hit my fat loss goals! Don't want to continue cutting anymore, and just ran out of S4 (was using leftovers) Planning on adding LGD now to the osta and gw and eating at maintenance with 50% protein, 30% carbs 20% fat for the next 8 weeks...
  10. J

    Physique Photos + massive SARMSX stack - What should I do with my body?

    Sup guys. Started off training at 156 pounds skinny fat about a year ago. Did an 8 month bulk then 3 month cut. Now I am at 178 pounds, with 20 pounds more muscle on my frame and some stubborn fat, but my size is not where I want it to be yet. Just bought myself a MASSIVE 12 week SARMSX stack of...
  11. K

    Muscle Memory - is it real?

    Hey guys, So after putting on quite a bit of fat, I went on a pretty intense cut, and lost a fair amount of muscle mass. If I were to go on a bulk, would I be able to regain this muscle fairly easily with the right diet and training? To put it another way - would building back the muscle I...
  12. K

    Muscle Memory - is it real?

    Hey guys, So after putting on quite a bit of fat, I went on a pretty intense cut, and lost a fair amount of muscle mass. If I were to go on a bulk, would I be able to regain this muscle fairly easily with the right diet and training? To put it another way - would building back the muscle I...
  13. K

    LGD vs Testosterone

    - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to say 250mg of Testosterone p/week in terms of muscle development? - How would bulking on 10mg of LGD compare to bulking naturally in terms of muscle development?
  14. J

    Natural lifter vs SARMS lifter - How much extra muscle can I put on?

    Hey guys, Obviously this question is incredibly difficult to answer accurately, but I am just looking for a ballpark figure so I can justify the cost of the SARMS against muscle gain. Are my expectations below unrealistic? 1. Over a 12 week SARMS triple bulking stack, is it reasonable to...
  15. J

    Protein intake on SARMS

    Whats up guys, Working out what my protein intake should be for my SARMS cutting cycle (GW+OSTA+S4). Currently weighing in at 83kg/183 pounds. Got some questions below: 1. What is the minimum amount of protein generally required to preserve muscle mass on a calorie deficit? (I struggle with...
  16. J

    Bulking on SARMS without fat gain

    Hey guys, Was thinking about a bulking cycle with LGD and Osta. What sort of calorie surplus should I be looking at to maximise muscle gain on cycle whilst avoiding any fat gain? Also, with diet and nutrition on point, how much mass could someone expect to gain with LGD and Osta, on a...
  17. K

    SARMs during training break

    Hi, Due to medical reasons I must take 10 days off of exercise. However my SARMSx products (SR,GW,Osta,S4) All just arrived, and I am very tempted to try them out. I will be doing a recomp cycle with them. My questions are: Cost aside, is there any benefit in starting them now (10 days...
  18. C

    Reliable supply

    I am a source of specific tiromel and steroids in general. Information and customs security are confidential. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is confirmed. Do not know how to introduce you. Ask admin to tell me how. Or you can text me.
  19. C

    Trying out GW-501516 (Cardarine) for the first time.

    Hello All! I'm a 29 year old Latino male that has been working out roughly 18 months, while my strength and muscle mass has increased just by eating healthier and working out, my body fat has roughly stayed the same. I'd gauge that as of this writing I am 35 lbs over my target weight goal. So...
  20. W

    Questions about HGH

    Hey Fellas, I'm new to this site, so please bare with me if I come off as a noob. I found this forum off a YouTube video I was watching about HGH. I'm familiar with the gym; I play sports and weight lift, but I'm no body builder. Recently I've been interested in kicking up my athletic...
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