Triple Stack and Maintenance cals - what to expect?

sup guys, 4 weeks into a GW, Osta, S4 cut and ALREADY hit my fat loss goals!
Don't want to continue cutting anymore, and just ran out of S4 (was using leftovers)

Planning on adding LGD now to the osta and gw and eating at maintenance with 50% protein, 30% carbs 20% fat for the next 8 weeks. With training on point, what can I expect from maintenance cals? lean gains plus maybe get a little more shredded?
Those macros are off a bit for lean gains . what is you calorie maintenance I would go down on the fats to 15 . 40 protein and 45 carbs. As long as your saying at or slightly above maintenance and eating clean you won't gain fat from this it will build muscle faster . carbs raise insulin and you need too stay anabolic too grow and have almost full glycogen stores too train hard . and 50 percent protein your gonna be hitting around 2 grams per lbs way more than necessary. Also for making gains insulin need too stay elevated so you want fats minimal not out but essentials not excess

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Guys have gotten this idea now that carbs are evil and they need a mountain of protein . And thisisnt the case.

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i actually love carbs mate, i just thought maybe at maintenance cals id need lesscarbs more protein. Havent tried before. Also my metabolism is slow cuz of meds hence the 50% idea, my maintenance is about 2000 @ 180 pounds so 250grams protein. What should i lower protein to? Also how far above maintenance u reckon i could go without fat gain on this many sarms? 150 to 200 cals maybe?
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