1. Cocopiny

    Recomp/muscle gain cycle advice

    Recently finished 16wk cut cycle- slowly increased dosages to a final of- Tren a- (wk4-12 @200mg/wk) 12-16 350mg/wk Test- 500mg/wk (0 for last 2 peak weeks) Winstrol- 20mg-40mg gradual raise, 50mg last 2 wks Masteron p- 300mg wk4-12, 600mg12-16 See before and afters below. I’d say 18% bodyfat...
  2. Dgator86

    New Year Recomp Stack for couple

    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on my stack design for my girlfriend and I. The goals of this is to lose bodyfat and grow muscle. I’m 6’1”, 216 @ 16.5% BF I don’t know hers off hand but she’s in better shape than me as a woman ———— Training: CrossFit - 4+ times per week Standard gym - 3...
  3. Cocopiny

    Cutting cycle advice for classic physique bodybuilder

    Hey All Hopefully I’m not breaking rules by asking for stack advice? Currently this is me- 97kg naked 18.3’ arms off pump 16-18% bodyfat Most recent two cycles- Cut cycle- Masteron,400- 600mg/wk wk1-12 Test sustnanon 250- 500mg-750mg wk1-12 Winstrol- 20-40mg wk6-12 Anavar- 20-40mg wk1-12...
  4. K

    Test E/ Tren E/ Mast E

    What’s up guys. I’m planning a blast and this is what I have in mind. 1-12 test e/250mg 2x a week 1-12 tren e/125mg 2x a week 1-12 mast e/375mg 2x a week 9-12 anavar /50mg a day 12.5mg exemestane eod Possibly Sdrol weeks 1-4@20mgs My liver will be fine :) I will have prami on hand for...
  5. J

    Post Workout Fast during SARM cycle

    Hey guys I was wondering if it would be a bad very idea to fast for about 4 Hours after your workout. I train first thing in the morning and fasting helps me with productivity for the rest of the morning. I'm doing a recomp cycle (LGD-4033, Ostarine, GW-501516, MK-677) and my macros are...
  6. J

    SARM recomp cycle, is Ostarine needed?

    Dear all The last couple of weeks I‘ve been looking quite a bit into SARMs and came up with the following cycle plan for a recomp: 1-12 : LGD-4033 at 10mg/day 1-12 : Ostarine at 25mg/day 1-12 : MK-677 at 25mg/day 1-12 : Cardarine at 20mg/day Age 24, BF ~18%, 200lbs, training 7+ years Goal is...
  7. C

    New & First Cycle Questions

    Hi guys... Brand new here although I've been reading up for a few weeks now... Planning my first cycle (ever (of anything)) and looking for a bit of guidance... I recently had some devastating news and as such am in the worst shape of my life... I used to competitively compete at CrossFit to an...
  8. G

    Sarms recomp diet macros

    I eat about 4700kcal each day . What macros ' distribution would you suggest ? The biggest problem is that if I would use for example 30% of protein I would eat 353g of protein that are really too too much so what do ? I'm using 100mg ed of andarine,10mg of lgd 30mg of rad and 20mg of gw.
  9. B

    Cycle help

    Hi I need help on what cycle I should be running. I don't know if I should run a cut or a recomp. I'm 5' 10" and I weight 187 lbs. I'm at 20% bf, I wanna get that around 10 to 15 but at the same time I want to put on size. I just finished a cycle of super mandro and starting my pct. I just need...
  10. M

    Minimum SARM doses for a recomp

    Yo, So I've been running GW 20mg, Ostarine 25mg, and LGD 10mg for my Recomp, but because of side effects I can't afford to run the full doses anymore. With diet in check, can I still Recomp effectively If I am only using 20mg GW, 10-15mg Osta, and 5mg LGD? Or are these numbers too low to be...
  11. K

    do you prefer using SARMS for cutting or bulking?

    Hey guys, I am at that point where I do not know whether to lose some fat, or build more muscle. I could make do either way. I have a triple stack, and have been given different recommendations. Some say burn off all your fat before doing anything else. Others say build muscle until you reach...
  12. K

    Triple Stack and Maintenance cals - what to expect?

    sup guys, 4 weeks into a GW, Osta, S4 cut and ALREADY hit my fat loss goals! Don't want to continue cutting anymore, and just ran out of S4 (was using leftovers) Planning on adding LGD now to the osta and gw and eating at maintenance with 50% protein, 30% carbs 20% fat for the next 8 weeks...
  13. J

    Physique Photos + massive SARMSX stack - What should I do with my body?

    Sup guys. Started off training at 156 pounds skinny fat about a year ago. Did an 8 month bulk then 3 month cut. Now I am at 178 pounds, with 20 pounds more muscle on my frame and some stubborn fat, but my size is not where I want it to be yet. Just bought myself a MASSIVE 12 week SARMSX stack of...
  14. K

    Should I add my LGD to my recomp or save for a bulk?

    Hey guys, So I am currently 3 weeks into a 12 week SARM recomp cycle with Osta, GW and S4 (only 4 weeks worth of S4 left though). I have LGD on hand which I was planning on saving for a future bulk alongside RAD. Buuut I am so very tempted to use it now, which would mean running just RAD-140 or...
  15. K

    Not sure when to use my S4...

    Sup guys, So I am currently 3 weeks into a 12 week recomp, with Osta and GW. Going well so far. After this 12 week recomp, I am taking a 4 week break then going straight onto a 12 week bulk with LGD and RAD. I still have 7 weeks worth of S4 lying around from a while ago that I never used up...
  16. K

    Lgd and Cardarine recomp?

    so im about to start a cut --> recomp cycle and can only afford two sarms. I already purchased Cardarine and I am interested in LGD. How does this plan sound? Weeks 1 to 4 Cut: 20mg GW Weeks 4 to 16 Recomp: 20mg GW and 10mg LGD No need for pct as I am on trt.
  17. K

    How dramatic are the results of MK-677?

    Hey guys, MK-677 is really expensive, so it would take some convincing for me to try it. I was wondering, at 25mg p/day for a year, what sort of results should I expect from a recomp over and beyond what I could normally expect? For arguments sake lets assume diet and training are perfect -...
  18. K

    Should I run MK677 for a year, or spend on SARMS instead?

    Whats up guys, Contemplating whether to run MK-677. I have two options: For the same amount of money, I can purchase either 1 year's worth of Mk-677 (12.5mg per day), or 6 month's worth of GW+S4. My goal is to recomp, so what should I expect better results from - assuming all other variables...
  19. K

    SARMs during training break

    Hi, Due to medical reasons I must take 10 days off of exercise. However my SARMSx products (SR,GW,Osta,S4) All just arrived, and I am very tempted to try them out. I will be doing a recomp cycle with them. My questions are: Cost aside, is there any benefit in starting them now (10 days...
  20. D

    Best Standalone SARM for Recomp

    Hey Dylan, what is the best standalone SARM for recomp? If you could only pick one SARM? Thanks
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