1. samsonbryant

    recommendations for SARMS??? PLEASE HELP

    I know stacking is optimal but i cant enjoy that luxury because i dont have lots of spare money so im whats the single best sarm i can use for 8 to 12 weeks, wont require pct (or only off the counter PCT) and that can put on about 5 pounds of pure lean mass, thats all i want a few pounds for my...
  2. M

    Recomp Diet and Training Comments

    Hi All, I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about the main part of a recomp cycle which is diet and training. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding macros and total calorific intake. How would be a good way to go about setting...
  3. S

    New to sarms Recomp or bulk

    Hey guys im new here, i have been wanting to start a sarm cycle for around 4 months, i have done research on lgd and clen. but since those 4 months i have gained some fat and dont know where to go from here. i dont know if i should bulk or recomp. i dont feel like i should cut beacuse i if i do...
  4. A

    first cycle for recomp

    hello, i'm planning on doing a recomp cycle in January. i've been lifting a little over a year, 22 years old, around 13-14% bodyfat, 6 ft tall 180 lbs. i'd like to drop the last 5 lbs or so and hit 10% or 11% bodyfat, as well as add a pound or two of muscle during my sarms cycle for 5-6 weeks...
  5. S

    Recomp Stack 8 weeks - Questions

    G'Day from AUS Just ordered the sarmsx Recomp Stack 8 weeks. Few Questions going forward. Question 1 - What dosages should I take for each sarm, and what frequency?. Question 2 - What PCT should be ran (is a mini pct liquid clomid or nolva enough) Question 3 - What results can I expect from...
  6. Z

    Recomp/SARMS advice, opinions?

    So yesterday I posted a question about a "supplement" I purchased that was I'm ready to ask the experts for advice so I can find what truly fits my needs. That said, the product was sold to me as ostarine - after doing some research I "think" that's all I'm after right now (well the...
  7. AsapSlim

    Sarms results (photo included) gw and s4

    Stats- Age: 33 Height: 5'9 Start weight: 215 End weight: 185 Push/pull intensity training 6 days a week Cycle length: 8 weeks Starting bf% 20 Ending bf% 14 I also threw in some intermittent fasting, 16hr fast with 8 HR feeding window 4 days a week.