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Hi All,
I would like to start a discussion to get some feedback and thoughts about the main part of a recomp cycle which is diet and training. I specifically would like help with regards to diet in respect to deciding macros and total calorific intake. How would be a good way to go about setting this up in a sustainable way? Training wise I have seen great results in how I currently train but I am not naive enough to think that I know everything.
Cycles and sups are only useful once I have this “dialled in” as you guys like to say ;) I am however doing my research and planning. It will also not be my 1st cycle. This I will get back to on a separate thread, as I have already had a few great discussions with Dylan.
Here are my current stats:
Age: 34, Height: 6’1, Weight: 210lb, BF: +- 14%
Goal Weight: 210 – 220 lb
Goal BF: 10-12%
Training History: From 18 till 22 I trained powerlifting; from 23 till 27 I trained more towards bodybuilding style i.e. aesthetics. I then found Olympic weightlifting from 27 until 32. I now train again more like bodybuilding, but based on heavy weight compound lifts, deadlift, bench, squat, military barbell press, etc. All movements are full range of motion. No Cheating! I like training cardio for 30-45min before touching weights. This is either swimming or cycling.
I train Sunday to Friday and play golf on a sat morning.
Strength Stats:
Bench (Current): 220 (6 rep) 280lb (1 rep)
Squat (Current): 265 (6 rep) 320lb (1rep)
Deadlift (Current): 330lb (6rep)
Snatch (Not Current): 232lb
Clean and Jerk (Not Current): 290lb
Swimming: 1 mile in < 34min
What do you guys think?


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Do you have any prior experience with sarms or steroids?

As for diet, I suggest checking out my diet and nutrition thread for help in this area. That should help get you on the right track

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I do,
The recomp cycle will be my 4th. Sarms used in the last. I do feel that my weakness is diet, so want to work on that for the next few months before I start again.


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when i do a recomp or advise on one, it all depends on the compounds being used first to determine the macro breakdown... i like to go with a small deficit to lose body fat but have protein dialed in higher to accommodate size gain... its a very very precise set up for each person... there's no cookie cutter answer and each person has different factors going in