Lgd + GW SR S4 stack advice

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I am 19 years old 5'11 212 lb with bodyfat at 18-22%. Currently my lab rats testing lgd 4033 5mg ED for strength/recomp this is the third time ive expiremented with lgd and its always had desirable results. I'm planning to run lgd alone for 6-8 weeks and then add 50 mg S-4(5 on 2 off), 20 mg GW 501506(with a cox-2 inhibitor for max saftey), and 20 mg SR9009 to cut/recomp and increase cardio. Planning to pct with nova and forma stanzol. Current lifts are 455 squat, 525×2 deadlift and 320 bench my goals are to build these slightly, but I am more intrested in cutting fat to have a better strength to weight ratio and be more athletic in general. I haven't been able to find any posts about running this cycle before and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with similar stacks or any advice on PCT or supplements to add. Also should I stop lgd before adding the other compounds or will they stack well for cutting well preserving strength and muscle?
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