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What’s up guys. I’m planning a blast and this is what I have in mind.

1-12 test e/250mg 2x a week
1-12 tren e/125mg 2x a week
1-12 mast e/375mg 2x a week
9-12 anavar /50mg a day
12.5mg exemestane eod

Possibly Sdrol weeks 1-4@20mgs
My liver will be fine :)

I will have prami on hand for prolactin.

I just want to recomp a bit and feel good. Never have taken tren e before (only ace). Wanted to help the wallet out a bit and still run a ton of mast for libido, mood, strength. So what I’m wondering is if this looks like decent amount of tren (maybe up it to 4-500 a week) and how does the cycle look as a whole?

32 years old. 5’11. 240lbs 15%bf. Have about 6 cycles under my belt and recently had a kid so the dad bod is creeping up on me.
5'11 240 and only 15%? theres no need to run all this shit whatsoever... i dont know, good luck man... no sense to use mast here at all but i doubt you are going to listen so good luck
Lol well then. Appreciate the positive feedback. I can drop the mast. Just wondering why you would drop it? Bf too high you think? I’m seeing some feathers in my quads and abs are coming in. I lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago and have loose skin. Water tends to like to congregate in my belly skin so it’s hard to tell what percent bf I’m at. Just guessing and I could be lower, idk.. I would love the libido increase and to feel good. Plus the shedding of water. Maybe I’m overthinking?
Proviron would be much better suited for this application.
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