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    Nolvadex in PCT

    Hello all, So I?ve always read where using nolvadex with 19-Nor compounds is a no no. My question is can nolvadex be used during pct after running a cycle of Tren and Test Enanthate and not cause any negative sides despite using a 19-Nor throughout the cycle? Again, thank you to all...
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    Test E/ Tren E/ Mast E

    What’s up guys. I’m planning a blast and this is what I have in mind. 1-12 test e/250mg 2x a week 1-12 tren e/125mg 2x a week 1-12 mast e/375mg 2x a week 9-12 anavar /50mg a day 12.5mg exemestane eod Possibly Sdrol weeks 1-4@20mgs My liver will be fine :) I will have prami on hand for...
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    Third Cycle, Test and Tren Help, is my Tren E bunk?

    Hey guys, i'm new here and would really be thankful if you could help me with my questions. I am 26, 6'0 and 190, at around 15-14% bf. I have done a 500 mg test only and a 500 test 50 mg anadrol cycle before, and had great results. On my third cycle, i wanted to try something a bit stronger so I...
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