1. m555zma

    Cutting calories

    I cut relish from my can tuna meal with light mayo because 1 Damn tbl of relish=20cal! That's a lot for 1tbl. But the can tuna with only light mayo is gross.. So I tried to sweeten it by sprinkling vanilla protein on it and it tastes better than the Damn relish!! 2 birds with 1 stone...
  2. JonnyKowalczyk

    Bulking on LGD - Calories.

    Hi guys, iv'e had a look and cant find this answered to my satisfaction anywhere so i thought i would just ask, hope that's OK haha - Just wanting to know if i consume around 3,030 calories on a bulk without the SARMS, would it be of any advantage to increase that number whilst on them or would...
  3. W

    Interesting method of using STENABOLIC --- Would This Work?

    Yo, So in terms of SARMS, been running SARMSX LGD and GW for 4 weeks for my Recomp at just under maintenance calories. I have a bottle of Stenabolic left which I haven't used yet, as I haven't found the need for it, or the time to consistently dose it. BUT - I have an interested idea about how...
  4. K

    Calorie Cycling and SARMS

    Due to my constantly changing work hours and access to food, I have unintentionally been following the caloric cycling (zig zag). I am 4 weeks into a GW, Osta and LGD cycle, and switched last week from a deficit of 400 cals to maintenance (2000 calories, slow metabolism) in an attempt to build...
  5. K

    Triple Stack and Maintenance cals - what to expect?

    sup guys, 4 weeks into a GW, Osta, S4 cut and ALREADY hit my fat loss goals! Don't want to continue cutting anymore, and just ran out of S4 (was using leftovers) Planning on adding LGD now to the osta and gw and eating at maintenance with 50% protein, 30% carbs 20% fat for the next 8 weeks...
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