Calorie Cycling and SARMS

Due to my constantly changing work hours and access to food, I have unintentionally been following the caloric cycling (zig zag). I am 4 weeks into a GW, Osta and LGD cycle, and switched last week from a deficit of 400 cals to maintenance (2000 calories, slow metabolism) in an attempt to build some lean muscle whilst staving away from, or even losing a bit of fat.

I would ALWAYS hit my protein goals (200-250 grams), and at the end of the week the daily calories would average out to 2000, but generally my diet would end up looking something like this:
Mon - 1700 cals
Tues - 2300 cals
Wed - 1900 cals
Thursday - 2100 cals
Friday - 2000 cals
etc.. etc..

Is this cyclical dieting routine hindering my goal of lean muscle gain? or is it possible it might actually be working to my favour - as I hear some people actually strive to follow a zig zag method)?
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