Adding Testolone to TRT


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When used in conjunction with TRT, will RAD 140 raise testosterone levels?
Will I need to work around my bloodwork lab dates?
Also, if I'm following a ketogenic diet, is a stack of RAD 140, GW-501516 and my TRT an appropriate combo?

49 y.o. male
200 lbs
23% bf (estimated)
CrossFit 5-6 times per week along with some 5X5 lifting.
TRT - 100 mg test cyp per week
Additional 150 - 300 mg every other 6-8 weeks, depending on bloodwork dates.
Rad will not raise your testosterone values bro. No need to worry about that.

I'm not sure what your goals are, but rad and gw are great to add to your trt. Is also consider adding S4 to that as well
no rad140 will not raise your testosterone levels at all bro... you wont need to work around blood levels... definitely run rad140 and gw together bro, thats a great combo and as rick said, s4 would be a great addition as well
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