1. M

    Blood Work Panel

    What panel is recommended for bloodwork? I use this site for testing. The hormone panel for males is $80 and i see another that is more comprehensive but it is almost $500 but that makes no sense. Or is there a better site for bloodwork?
  2. C

    What type of blood work?

    Hey guys sorry for the dumb question, but when you're getting bloodwork done, what kind of test do you ask for? Which one do you ask for so that you can check your hormones?
  3. R

    Sarms bloodwork

    Hi I got bloodwork done before my sarms cycle, at the end of it and I’m just wondering how long after PCT would you wait to get them done again due to clomid half life? (Clomid run at 50/50/25/25) Thanks
  4. Z

    Blood work after Cycle

    hi guys 3 week after pct i done bloodwork but my lh is higher than fsh what should i do now? and my rbc is higher than normal is it really problem? and please take look on my bloodwork any advice will be awsome thanks blood work : @DylanGemelli
  5. P

    Bloodwork/Cycle Questions (NEW MEMBER)

    Hi all, my name is Isaac Age: 21 Height: 6'0 Weight: 83.4kg (183lb) Body fat %: 11% Years of training: 4 years Complete cycle history: None PCT for each cycle: N/A Goals: To be absolutely shredded with lean muscle gains Supplements (if any): WPI, BCAA's, Fish Oil. General idea of nutrition: No...
  6. C

    Bloodwork source?

    Hi, I don't feel comfortable getting bloodwork from a doctor so can anyone provide me with a good place to get bloodwork from? I found so far (I am also unsure what I should select on the site) Kind regards,
  7. K

    Introduction, First SARMS Cycle Advise

    Hey Bros, Happy to be on the forum - Much respect. Stats: 35 y.o., 5'11", 185 lbs., 20% BF. Goals: Recomp. (with help from SARMS stack). Nutrition/Supplements: High-fat, Ketogenic, Paleo diet, low-carb, (mostly grass-fed beef, and organic greens) intermittent fasting, vitamins, minerals...
  8. A

    Information request for a newbie about starting

    What is the cheapest way to get a blood test/panel? If there is a video on this already please send a link I scrolled through playlists galore but kept getting distracted by all the other very useful information. Also I would like to know how to understand the panel. So I have to do blood work...
  9. J

    Adding Testolone to TRT

    When used in conjunction with TRT, will RAD 140 raise testosterone levels? Will I need to work around my bloodwork lab dates? Also, if I'm following a ketogenic diet, is a stack of RAD 140, GW-501516 and my TRT an appropriate combo? 49 y.o. male 200 lbs 23% bf (estimated) CrossFit 5-6 times...
  10. Romes20

    Testosterone and AI dosage adjustment after bloodwork? (TRT)

    Curious about some input about how to modify my TRT dosage. Currently cruising on Pharma/Perrigo Testosterone at 100mg e5d and my bloodwork came back saying that my total testosterone was at an even 1000ng/dl. Most recent injection was Sunday morning and bloodwork was taken the following...
  11. C

    Elevated ALT and AST due to bad gear?

    I just got my blood results back from my doctor. Bloodwork was done during my cruise at 240 mg of Test E. per week. My test is only at about 700 ng/dL, so it seems pretty clear that it's underdosed (it's from an underground source but still...). What stood out to me is that my AST and especially...
  12. JamesT

    Blood Works - Please Help Interpret (High E2) I hope that you can either see this embedded, or just click the link to see my most recent blood works. Stats, Story, Goals etc here As mentioned in above link, I don't trust my doctor's recommendations much - and believe I'll get better opinions of what...
  13. A

    Bloodwork and gear

    Just a quick two questions for anyone experienced. the first is does anyone have experience with methyltrienolone (oral tren). How does it compare to injectable tren. I got some from a friend for free along with some dbol. Second, and most important, before i can start my cycle, i have to get my...
  14. AsapSlim

    What Blood panel through private labs?

    Can someone explain to me how this privatelabs thing works? ive read the instructions and i get that but what panel do i order exactly?
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