Cardazol and Tbol


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So this is my next cycle. I have done a large sarms stack that went well. Then another sarms stack that I think was not good quality stuff. Then just finished a cardazol and rad 140 cycle from esarms. That went well.
Now I am going to do cardazol and TBol for 6 weeks. 10 mg pills.
Day 1-10 ,40 mg per day
Days 11-42, 50 mg per day
Cardazol 6 pills per day

Starting stats taken on In body machine today 3pm
53 year old
6’0” tall
185 lbs
8 % bf
98 lb smm
280 mg TRT per week. ( been on this for couple years).
Maintenance calories about 3000 daily.
Gym try for 5 days a week in the evening.
Started this morning 11-23-19.
My bloods look pretty consistent
I’ll try and keep a weekly log with an end results follow up.
Here we go
should be a good cycle although im not sure how you are thinking 280 mg per week is a safe trt dose... anything over 200 mg per week is just being on cycle and never coming off, which is quite dangerous to say the least... the idea for the cycle is just fine but thats quite worrisome to read otherwise
I thought it to be high also. It is through a dr.
I go in every week for injections. They originally pulled blood every 30 days and continued to up my dose. Apparently my body burns through it ( not a technical explanation). My levels is around 800 - 900 . It is on the higher end but my bloods always look good.
Even had my geneal dr pull bloods for everything else couple weeks ago and all was good. Blood thickness was not an issue either.
I don’t hardly feel any different on this dose than I did before trt. Not even my sex drive or performance changed or increased.
right but long term, its not good at all to be on a dose that high that long... you may be just fine right now, but long term, thats a different story
I’ll talk with the dr and see about dropping the dose. Maybe get him to cycle me on and off this amount.
What are some of the main issues with being on this high of a dose for too long?
Just wondering so I’m more educated.
So far so good in the gym.
Been hitting it hard first few days.
Got some typical back pain. That’s just due to having a bad back for past 33 years. Currently pushing through it.
I am trying to add some more of the bigger main lifts in. Hoping maybe if I add to them it will strengthen the back. It’s hard to strengthen the area that hurts. But on other side it hurts cause I avoid it..
Same thing goes for the knees. They are bad so I usually avoid legs. I’m trying to NoT do that this time.
Question : is it normal to not sleep well on tbol?
Last few nights not a lot of sleep and waking up every hour. I work out from about 5-7pm then hit the rack about 10-6am ish.
Just not sleepy. I used cardazol last time with a sarm and didn’t have this.
Thanks for the reply.
Maybe I’m just excited for this cycle. I tried tbol last year from another source and got nothing from it. I do not think it was quality stuff. I do feel better on this brand. I am using EUP found here. Rep has been amazing to work with. I will try to keep a log of all this. More to come. It’s kinda early for much info yet.
looking good man for 53 years old . Most guys I know that age are pretty heavily overweight so you are against the trend . Interesting to see how your cycle progresses .
HDL was 17. So that is low and could be higher.
LDL was 110. So that could be lower.
Test was 830
Blood thickness is fine.
Liver is good
PSA is low
After talking with DR. they are happy with all my numbers.
They don’t see any need for an AI or estrogen blocker.
My estrogen numbers are good also.
Of course we do blood every 3 months.
I am wondering if they just use a weak product. They say their max dose is 325.
They started me low like everyone else at 120. Then would check bloods every month. Continued to up the dose. My numbers didn’t really even start to move until over 200. Then we settled in at 280. Been there for months and bloods work stays pretty consistent.
I like this bulking style.
I won’t gain a giant amount of weight but it sure is nice to be a little lazy with the diet. Still eating most of my meals clean just eating more of it.
But days like today are cool. Got up a 6 am like normal. Had 2 pack oatmeal with scoop of whey, blue berries, 4 egg white, peanut butter and granola on top.
Awesome treat.
10 am went to Cracker Barrel for a birthday and had 8oz steak, three eggs, hash browns, and 2 biscuits with gravy.
Not sure what I’ll eat the rest of today but my tummy is very happy right now. Going to gym at 1pm.
Today is my weekly weight in. We will see what it looks like. Today has been an odd eating day for me. Feels like it’s been a lot of food.
Y’all have a great day
Feel like I am eating all day but got on machine and no gains but feel good in the gym
186 lb
98 smm
8% bf