8 month 51 year old TRT protocol results with labs and recent DEXA scan


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Been almost 8 months on TRT, started at 116 mg per week test cyp, now at 140 mg per week 60 mg every three days( 20 mg per day average).

Age 51 male.

Pre-TRT weight ~185 lbs
Current weight ~205 lbs
11.8% BF reported last DEXA, but think close to 10% now


12.5 mg MK-677 every day
25-50 mg Proviron every day (started June)
0.25 mg Arimidex 1-2 times per week
500 iu HCG once per week (stared June)
0.05 ml Ipamorelin with CJC-1295 post workout only
100-200 mcg BPC-157 as needed
5-10 mg RAD-140 (April-June cycle)
5 mg Cialis every day

Most high points most current bloodwork;




Results of a DEXA scan last month;



And here is the most interesting part, I stuck to a low-carb modified keto diet most of the time. Basically 20-50 grams carbs per day with maybe 1 cheat day per week at 100 g carbs.
On average 160-200 grams protein per day, mostly Whey Protein concentrate/isolate with the rest from beef, eggs, fish. Majority of calories from fat, mostly from Coconut oil/cream, avocados, hemp seed and nuts.

Key takeaways;

  1. 140 mg test per week is the sweet spot for my TRT dosage
  2. 12.5 mg of MK-677 was enough to take my IGF-1 levels from about 105 to 245 and have stayed in that range for 3 months with no significant increase in Cortisol
  3. My HDL levels have mostly stayed the same from the beginning, despite upping my test and adding Proviron
  4. Arimidex (previous blood test) had a big effect on both my SHBG and HDL, more so than Proviron
  5. BPC-157 combined with MK-677 and Ipam/CJC definitely helped healing of my elbow, knees and back. Not 100% better but huge improvement
  6. HCG juiced my balls back up, improved my mood and and sex drive
  7. Proviron improved sex drive and seemed to lower estrogen a bit when I did not take Arimidex
  8. Proviron with test only bumped my PSA from 0.3 to 0.5 in 8 months

Current Issues;

  1. My creatinine has been high from the beginning, and slowly getting worse. I do take creatine and work out with intensity, but still the numbers are too high and need to get them down
  2. Estrogen is still high and Proviron alone is not enough to bring down in range
  3. Some other blood markers like Hematocrit are borderline high (50.1) so many need to donate blood at some point
  4. MK-677 did raise my resting blood glucose levels from about 85 to 95 (not great but not terrible either)

So my questions to the group are;

  1. How do I get my Creatinine levels down without dramatically changing my routine?
  2. Given that my AST/ALT, PSA and other markers are good while taking 50 mg Proviron per day, how long can I keep taking and what are the risks?
  3. Do I need to cycle off the MK-677? There have been a bunch of opinions lately that staying on more that 6 weeks is detrimental for cortisol levels, but mine have been fine.
  4. Given my age and current routine which I hope to continue indefinitely, are there any other risks or tests I should get to ensure safety?

Thanks to Dylan and all other for creating such a great informative board. Used this advice from the beginning and very happy with the results so far.
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