My steroids and SARMS cycle


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Hello guys .
I want to start a steroid and SARMS cycle ...any advice for how can I improve my cycle or mistakes that I have in it are more than welcome.Is my first cycle so I'm trying to do as good as I can :D .Please apologise my english ,is my second language .
So for start I am 35 years old 1.86cm and 110 kg and after i lost some weight ( from 150 to 110 (in 6 months ) I tought about a cycle who will help me to increase my strenght ,endurance and build a little lean muscle and burn some fat. Strenght increase from 60kg beanch press to 120 kg for example ( so in most of the exercise it double or more...but i want to progressive overload and I feel i need some extra help.Endurance went form 90 min of training to almost 4 hours ,6 days a week ( 2.5 hours I train 3 muscle groups then 300 abbs and I finish with an hour of cardio).The cycle that I was thinking after loads of videos is like that : Anavar ,winstrol,mk677,gw501516,mk2866 and PCT Clomid, Nova,

W1. 20 mg Anavar + 15ml MK677+ 10 GW 501516
W2. 30mg Anavar + 20 ml Mk 677 + 10 Gw
W3. 40 mg Anavar + 20 ml Mk 677 + 10 Gw
W4. 30 mg Anavar + 20 Winstrol +30ml MK 677 + 10 GW
W5. 30mg Winstrol + 30 MK 677 +10 GW
W6. 40 mg Winstrol +30 mg Mk 677 + 10 gw
W7. 30 mg Winstrol + 20 MK 677 + 20 mg MK 2866 + 10mg GW
W8. PCT Start
W8. 50mg Clomid + 40mg Nova+ 20 mg MK2866+ 10MG GW501516
W9. 50mg Clomid +40mg Nova + 20mg MK 2866 + 10 mg GW
W10. Same as W9 and W8
W11. 25 mg Clomid + 20 mg Nova + 20 mg MK 2866 + 10mg Gw
W12. Same as W11.

I also got as a gift a bag of 100 pills of DBOL of 10 mg , and I wanted to add 20mg daily from W3 to W8 but I saw Anavar and Winstrol ( in particular ) is quite toxic for liver so I tought is to much

As suppliments from day 1 to my last day i have :
Calcium Mg Zinc , fish oil ,cod oil, aswaganda, garlic oil ,black maca root, 5HTP, B Complex ,Psyllium ,Turmeric ,Cayene pepper , Vitamin D ,vitamine C ,Iron and for protection and estrogen conversion I have Liv52 an Saw Palmento.

Also my diet is gonna be like 1800-1900 kcal with:
240g Protein
90g Complex carbs
40g Fat.

Thank you guys in advance for any advice , and Dylan If you can have a look on my cycle I will much appreciated.Your videos are the best on Youtube...short and with all the information that we need .Thank you for your hard work .

I think i forgot to mention is my first Cycle...if matters :D
hey brother... thank you for the support and know that my posts when i critique are done to help you , not take shots or undermine your ideas but to ensure you are doing things safely and properly.. .

this is an all out mess my man...

its way way too much use of orals... i also really do not like orals without test.. for me, you would be far better off using sarms only here as opposed to your plan... i mean, dbol with your goals? thats so senseless and not to mention, the goals you have, especially with endurance, using oral steroids is NOT what you would want whatsoever... i would rethink the entire plan here.. i know i wouldnt recommend this if you paid me
Dylan has you completely covered on this one! For the best quality sarms make sure to check out Umbrella Labs or Sarms4Sale!
Ok , thank you for the advice...I will reconsider the cycle...maybe i will go just with SARMs for start .Really appreciate your advice
I would agree with too much use of oral steroids on this. You just have some more research to do, which is completely fine and why we are all here. At least you are asking questions and listening as opposed to just doing whatever and whenever. I would defer to Dylan on this as he would know better than anyone when it comes to sarms. What I can tell you is to not be in a hurry, take your time and learn as much as possible before you just jump right into this
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