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  1. G

    RAD140 higher dose? Or stop

    I started my first cycle of RAD140 and GW. Been doing 20mg of each per day since Nov 28, 2023 I immediately felt the GW. Like I was running with an O2 tank strapped on my back. But have felt almost nothing nor noticed and gains or strength increases from the RAD140. No muscle pumps. Back...
  2. S

    My steroids and SARMS cycle

    Hello guys . I want to start a steroid and SARMS cycle ...any advice for how can I improve my cycle or mistakes that I have in it are more than welcome.Is my first cycle so I'm trying to do as good as I can :D .Please apologise my english ,is my second language . So for start I am 35 years old...
  3. D

    First cycle SARM and where to buy

    hello everyone, I'm 24 years old I'm 1.90 weight 80kg and my object is to put as much lean mass as possible. what do you think of 1-12 Ostarina (MK-2866) 20mg 1-12 Ligandrol (LGD-4033) 10 mg 9-12 DGA POST CT 13-16 clomid 50/25/25/25 also what is the safest site to buy online? I live in Italy...
  4. B

    H 4 the 1st time

    Hello, I’m 34 and have been playing basketball and working out for 16 plus years. Body fat is at 10% and I am in very good natty shape. I do feel like my body over all is breaking down. I play ball with kids in their early 20’s so I’m looking for that leg up. So I’m starting a 6mo cly of H in 4...
  5. O

    shred transformation

    I am 27 yrs old, 6'3", 170, and 10% body fat. This will be my first time cycle. I have been working out for the past two years. I am currently on a dirty bulk diet counting my Carbs and calories. It has always been hard to gain weight. My goal is to pack on solid muscle and increase my weight...
  6. H

    Plz help Mini oct after Rad 140 and LGD

    Im running Rad140 for 12 weeks at 30mg and LGD4033 at 10mg for the last 8 weeks of my sarms cycle bulk now my question is during my mini.pct I'll be using clomid but can i also use Ostarine at 20mg for 4 weeks, Cardarine at 20 mg for 4 weeks,Mk677 at 25mg and SR9009 at 30mg during my...
  7. Ragnar

    My complete program and my first SARM cycle

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and I'm happy to be part of it, I'm an Italian user so I apologize if some terms will be wrong. Within 4 weeks I finish my reverse diet phase and start my bulk phase; along with that I would like to start an integration plan and start my first SARM cycle; I put...
  8. L


    I am a 55 year old male 5' 10", 196 lbs, 8-10% body fat just a guess
  9. M

    weight loss pills with pre work. Bad combination? also running gw,s4, and testbooster

    So I just finished a test tren cycle of about 9 weeks 325mg of both a week for 5 weeks and threw some winstrol depot and the end at about the same mg for the last 4 weeks. looking great at 34, 5'7, 185lbs and 17% body fat last time I checked about 4 weeks ago.. I did loss cardio though due to...
  10. K

    Guys pros and Cons of running HCG while on cycle as oppose to the end of it ?

    Any thoughts of running HCG on Cycle ? Dylan prefers the end of it ?
  11. F

    Dylan gemelli and other Some advice on next blast if possible

    35 yo 186lbs 5'10 12% bf. Thanks to Dylan's advice on my last blast. Last blast was, Cyp 200/ml 400mg a week Primo 100/ml 1.5 cc 3x week Win 1cc eod for last 6 weeks 14 week cycle total Had good gains but not what I expected. I think the Primo was bad quality but I have resolved that going...
  12. M

    rad140 in my test and tren cycle. good or bad idea.?

    SARMS IN MY TREN CYCLE. good or bad idea.? what's up everyone and much respect to Dylan. This is gonna be my third cycle. I'm 34, 5'7, and 185lbs I haven't checked body fat but guessing about 15%. I've been lifting for 4 consistently years now. I finished my second cycle in beginning of...
  13. D

    SARMS in mexico

    Hey guys whats up? i have ordered alot of products from here over the past 2 years and i have never had a problem great products and great service but i was living in Canada at the time. Now i have recently moved down to mexico for a year. i live in los barriles its a small town an hour away...
  14. J

    Looking for some advice

    I'm fairly new to all of this. I've been lifting on and off for a few years and decided to get serious about 5 months ago. I had a friend recommend to me that I should look into sarms. So Ive been reading about them and watching some of your videos for several weeks now. I'm 6'1, I weigh 175...
  15. J

    Any suggestions?

    So I just ordered LGD 4033 and S4 this will be my first cycl ever but I've been working out consistently through my life. I got to thinking if there was potentially 1 more that I could stack with those 2 sarms to amplify the gains just that much more? I want to quality of the gains to be high...
  16. M

    Performance enhancement only

    Age 32 Height 6,2 Weight 230 Body fat % 15 Years of training 17 Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) -First was regrettably anavar only, with gnc pct "erase pro" (I know guys, I know). Source was suppdirectmc. Bf was 9%at the time. -after a bit more...
  17. T

    Protection and Anabolics

    I used 40mg winstrol, 150mg Tren A, 350mg Test E per week for 5 weeks. I used Cycle Assist for protection and my liver functions still went out of wack. My question; Is there another cycle protection better than Cycle Assist and are there other anabolics that are easier on the liver. Because...
  18. S

    First Steroid Cycle INFO ( Enanthate or cypionate)

    Hi Dylan , I have seen almost all your videos , about steroids , sarm's PCT's and all others great videos , great info, but i need a little personal oppinion from you if you could possible help. I am 25 years old male, 15 % body fat 180 pounds overall weight. I want to run a testosteron only...
  19. V

    Wrestler,bulk cycle

    I am a freestyle wrestler my stats are Height 6 feet 3 inches Weight 102 kgms Body fat 20 percent aproxx U I have done 2-3 cycles in the past for cutting But now i am looking foreward to get some serious lean muscle mass hence i decided to cycle Deca Test e Equipose Along side armidex...
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