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  • Pct length and sarms bridge.
    What's up Dylan much respect to you and I value the info you put out and to all you guys in the forum. I'm 34 years old 5'7 and a solid 185lbs. I've been lifting for years but have been dedicated for 4 years now. I decided to jump on my first cycle at the beginning of the year deca 325 and test enthate 250 10 weeks following pct and 3 months off. I am coming off my 2nd cycle of test mix 325 and deca enthate 400 for 10 weeks following test enthate 275 and tren enthate 100 for 5 week so in total 15 week cycle. My pct was 3 with nolvedex 10 mg and letrozol 1.75mg first week then every other day and also taking d-aspartic acid, Dim, and a test booster called diesel test. I cut it short though because I wanted to get on these sarms

    So my question is, did I stop my pct to soon and if so should I continue while on LGD 4033 and S4?
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