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Guys pros and Cons of running HCG while on cycle as oppose to the end of it ?


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Any thoughts of running HCG on Cycle ? Dylan prefers
the end of it ?

HCG becomes counterproductive if you use it too much so you do not want to use it continuously on cycle. You will desensitize and it will actually work against you. It's meant to be used in short durations for a few weeks every three months or so, that's why it's best to just use it at the end of the cycle before pct starts


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I've never understood the desire to signal natural test production back when running exogenous test that tells your body once you've surpassed a certain point to shut it down. Seems as if the two would bump heads and be as RR said counter productive. You cant push water both ways through a hose and expect it to flow water... if I'm wrong RR please explain as I'm just deducting things from a common sense standpoint. Best case scenario is what full looking balls?


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hcg raises estrogen and is suppressive and you will also desensitize to it.. you can run it however you like but the ones that misuse it, never have successful cycles and end up worse off than when they start.. .it has a place but a very small place...