1. RUCingdsgainz

    Low test Level should I blast an cruise my cycles?

    Age 27 Weight 195 Height 5 11" Lifting for 10 years now I went to a TRT doctor and got myself testsed and my test level was in the 420s the doc said I would benifet from TRT. If I ran a cycle of more then just a TRT dose of Test should I still run a TRT dose of Test in between cycles? Wouldn't...
  2. T

    Bloods All Over The Place - Suggestions?

    Brief history - found a tumor in my pituitary gland, and was prescribed HRT almost 12 months ago, namely HGH and TRT. I've also had several spinal surgeries and some nagging pains, so decided to try out a therapeutic Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) dose recently. My protocol for the past 6...
  3. J

    Prescription test prop source?

    Hey everyone. Talked the doc into changing my script from cyp to prop. He said it would be hard to find a source and he was right! Does anyone here know of a legit online or mail order source for prescription test prop? Thanks in advance!
  4. B

    Cycle: Test + DBol + EQ

    Hi guys, Looking for more advice on a cycle: 1- Test E 350mg/week 2- Dbol 30mg/week 3- EQ 500mg/week 4 -GW501516 20mg/day 5 - (maybe S4 as well, not sure yet)...? This is would be my 3rd steroid cycle; As i was on TRT 3 years ago (2014) due to serious health problems with Nebido (Test...
  5. P

    First time user, 30 y/o, want to run cautious test-only cycles

    Hi Dylan, I'm a 30 y/o male in good health, never used SARMS before, just want to start running conservative doses of test only. Do I just run test alone? What do I counterbalance it with? What sides should I expect? Is there anything I can do to prevent hair loss? Thanks
  6. foxb

    Ostarine MK-2866 while on TRT Andriol

    I recently got interested in SARMs, and ordered Cardarine GW-501516 just a few days ago to start with (yes, I realize is't not even a "real" SARM). My older brother (49years old, 30years in bodybuilding!) got interested as well, since he is already on TRT for several months, prescribed by his...
  7. B

    New Member - Intro and Reason for being here

    Hey there guys and girls, Found the forum while investigating a supplier, Aces Pharma. Joined the forum today in hopes of reading a bunch of posts that have anything to do with older lifters (40+) running gear as TRT. I have been lifting off and on (More on, than off) for decades through kids...
  8. W

    TRT & Sarms Stack advice

    Love your videos on youtube Dill. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Which sarms should I stack with my test cyp 200mg a week? Im looking to lean out and also heal up a recent shoulder injury. I have 4 bottles of gw501516 from you already. Chat soon WC
  9. X

    Sustanon and SubQ?

    Hey All! I am on trt and I'm injecting Sustanon 250 approximately every two weeks. I have been injecting intramuscularly however whenever I inject I get the worst Post Injection Pain ever no matter what and I am absolutely fed up of having to limp, can't bend down/the pain! etc. I wanted to...
  10. M

    400mg test/ MK 677 first cycle advice

    Hi everyone, and thx in advance for reading and guiding. I have been on doctor prescribed TRT for about 3 months at 200mg per week. 2 sub q doses per week of 1/2 ml. Didn't see much improvement with regard to energy levels. I previously ran MK 677 and got some good results in the gym, and was...
  11. X

    HCG and TRT!

    Hi Dylan & all the Gang! Query: I've been on TRT now for about 4 months and i was thinking of running HCG at approximately 500 I.U. twice a week for four weeks as you've recommended in your video. By doing so for those four weeks should I cut down on how much Testosterone I inject? I'm really...
  12. Shunka Witko

    LGD and GW cycle

    So after much deliberation and reading, I've decided on using LGD and GW for my first SARMS cycle. My ultimate goal is a little better aesthetic look. I'd like to gain 3-5 lbs of muscle and drop some more body fat. Currently I am 185 with approximately 16% bf, 46 yo and 6'0" and taking TRT at...
  13. M

    Adding to trt

    hello guys...I will need some advice so everyone give me your honest opinion...i was thinking to add maybe 300mg EQ to my trt dose of test and go for 20weeks or maybe something like anavar 30mg for 8 weeks or 30mg Turinabol?
  14. Romes20

    Spring Blast

    This Spring will be my first experience with Tren. Curious about any input. I am a low-moderate dosage guy. Again stats are 33 years old, 5'11", 201lbs, 12%bf, 6+ years training, looking to recomp. Currently on Doctor Prescribed TRT. (75mg e5d) Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 75mg e5d (leave as is) Weeks...
  15. Shunka Witko

    Will LGD-4033 satisfy?

    Just recently relocated so funds are a little tight at the moment. So, I can only choose one SARM to run. I have lost weight over the last 3 months and got BF down to 15.1%. So now I am looking to beef up with good lean muscle gains. So after reading many peoples experience with LGD, I think...
  16. Shunka Witko

    Is DIM enough?

    I'm currently on 200 mg TRT weekly. Just got labs back and labs and Estradiol was 67 which is about what it was 3 months ago. I take a split DIM supplement of 500 mg one day and 250mg the next. My question is, could I and should I up the amount of DIM to combat the estradiol or should I add...
  17. B

    Nebido, for TRT, and Cycle?

    Hi, I've recently been put on TRT, Nebido for 1g of Test Undecanoate every 10weeks. I've had serious health before (insomnia, lack of concentration, completely unmotivated etc...), which could never been diagnosed until they found recently it was due to non-production of testosterone after...
  18. Romes20

    Testosterone and AI dosage adjustment after bloodwork? (TRT)

    Curious about some input about how to modify my TRT dosage. Currently cruising on Pharma/Perrigo Testosterone at 100mg e5d and my bloodwork came back saying that my total testosterone was at an even 1000ng/dl. Most recent injection was Sunday morning and bloodwork was taken the following...
  19. JamesT

    If You Had To Choose ONE Test/Hybrid for 12 Months Blast And Cruise?

    I'm definitely not ready to be doing any AAS, so I'm just focused on losing BF% and simultaneously gaining mass wherever possible. I'm on TRT, using Test Cyp currently at 200mg/week cruising - thinking of a blast within the next few months, just waiting on proper AI as my doctor gave me...
  20. Romes20

    New to TRT and curious about your guys' HCG protocols

    Stats refresher- 33 years old next month, 6', currently 201lbs, 12%bf, been lifting religiously for about 5 years, in gym for 8. Cycle history- 1st: 8 weeks Test Prop @100mg eod, Arimidex .25eod, Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 2nd: 12 weeks Test Cyp @400mg/wk, Tbol 60mg weeks 1-6, Proviron 50mg last 5...
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