1. I

    Natural Test level is at 42, super shutdown.

    Just got my blood work and my T was at 42. Doc stated normal levels are from 178-780. Mind you im 23, never been on gear, the blood tested was drawn while on day 2 of [email protected]. never took any T supplement in the past. Any TRT protocols you guys recommend and i read that TRT can mess up your...
  2. Romes20

    Cycling or Blast/Cruise cross roads- When to switch?

    A bit of background as I don't post too often here. I am 32 years old, 192lbs, 11-12%bf, 6'. Diet is 90% clean and I push it in the gym 5-6 days a week. I have been training for about 6 years now and I feel like I am always battling to strike a balance between gym warrior and an office...
  3. S

    TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Hi Guys, Just wanted a little advice. My understanding is that a TRT dose is 125mg of test per week. Is this correct? I have also heard some people saying up to 200mg per week is also a TRT dose. I would have thought 200mg would put you above even the high natural levels of test. Does an AI...
  4. E

    Libido gone after TRT and Tren

    I'm 29 currently 210 around 12% bf I've been of gear since November, I pct with HCG, clomid, Nolva and Prami for about 8 weeks I was on TRT for a year and during that year I threw some tren here and there, due to a trip to another country I stop the replacement and tren and pct but my libido...
  5. D

    TRT taking a break

    Afternoon gentlemen, hoping to get some valuable input. I am a 30 yr old healthy male, well taking low T into account. I've been on TRT for about 2 years now with no complaints. I get injections of 100mg of Test/wk and 500iu of HCG 2/wk with anastrazole/arimidex .25g/wk . I've read post that...