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Hi Guys, thanks for stopping by. Just joined today, and so far feeling like I've stumbled upon a great forum - it's been a while since I've actively joined a forum, so I'm kinda pumped. I figured I'd be referencing this information a lot, so I'll just put it all into one thread.

Stats: (as of Jan-24-2017)

Age: 36
Height: 6'1
Weight: 212lbs
Body fat %: 23-27% (depending on the measuring device - going to do calipers soon)
Years of training: About 2, but broken up over the last decade due to injuries and work
Cycle History: Never done a cycle
PCT for each cycle: NA
Starting Goals: See my abs (15%?), get ripped (195lbs?) - but more importantly - FEEL HEALTHY, OPTIMIZED, and ENERGIZED. As you'll see below, I went to hell and back, and I don't ever want to feel like that again. I used to train Muay Thai - would be great to be able to train again!
Supplements: Protein, BCAA, C4 Ripped, L-Carnitine (sometimes), then the multis, D, B complex, Omega 3's etc.
Other Substances: 40mg Clenbuterol/day, 200mg Test Cyp a week, 1iu HGH 5 days a week
Nutrition: Strictly Paleo diet
Other relevant info: Impinged right shoulder (slight). Had 2 x spinal surgeries. At lumbar (L5-S1) bulging disc and stenosis, surgery July 2007. In cervical spine (neck), (C4/5 disc replacement, and C5/6 fusion), surgery May 2016. Diagnosed with low T and GH, so I'm on HRT (TRT and HGH). Had a laundry list of health issues in 2016 (worst fuckin year for my health!) - as a result of years of working too much, coffee, stimulants, stress, not exercising, then the spinal surgery, and the painkillers etc - COMPLETELY fuct me up! Adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, tinnitus, insomnia, deep depression, anxiety, hypogonadism, tumor in pituitary gland, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD), high cholesterol, still trying to level out my hormones.

I currently have no intentions on becoming massive, nothing near a bodybuilder's size. Probably just medium (slightly large) sized, but ripped. As of now, the major goal is to drop a good 15-20lbs of fat, and gain as much lean mass as I can. I'm quite lanky still, as I just started working out again after all the shit I dealt with mentioned above - still not 100%, but getting there!

Unfortunately, living in a 3rd world country - I don't have access to very good doctors. The best I've found is from an anti-aging clinic, he's the one who agreed to put me on TRT and HGH as my levels were "low-normal" that other docs said "you're in normal range". I honestly feel that I'll get better advice on how to reach my goals here than from my doctor - which is sad but true!

I'm about a month into doing weights 3 x a week, and Pilates 2 x a week - dropped 9lbs in 2017 so far, gained a bit of mass!
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thanks for the intro bro... very detailed and quite refreshing to see someone who understands how to explain things about them to give us the information we need to help at anytime.... its great to have you here... im always here to help if you need me, just let me know anytime!
Welcome to isarms brother. We are glad to have you here, and if there is anything I can help you with just let me know

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Wow, that's a laundry list of injuries and surgeries. Talk about never giving up.

One big point; you mentioned clen under supplements; clen is NOT a supplement.
Wow, that's a laundry list of injuries and surgeries. Talk about never giving up.

One big point; you mentioned clen under supplements; clen is NOT a supplement.

good point, I'll edit that about clen, thanks. and ya, 2016 really was a test of my willingness to live - definitely reached moments of total despair and helplessness, BUT, I guess we're built to last, right? :)

I learned some amazing life lessons in the process, so it wasn't all for nothing. I've COMPLETELY changed my priorities, and put health as #1 (instead of about #4-5). It used to be work as #1 - never again, not worth it...
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