PCT with Clomid after 9 months HRT


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Hi Everyone,

Long time stalker but first time poster so I will try and include as much detail as possible regarding my question.

Alittle background, I am 42yrs old, 220lbs and been training most of my life. In college I ran a few cycles between 12 - 14weeks and followed hcg/clomid PCT each time without issue. That said, after having two kids back to back,moving to a new city, and grinding through a crappy job I started to look and feel very run down. One of my clients happened to be a hormone "optimization" clinic and after some thought I had my lab tests done by them. I wasn't too bad but right on the line (admittedly, I was boozing and not eating great) about 395 total T and 9 for Free T. I had the other obvious markers, low Vit D, DHEA low, High BP, etc. so they let me know I was a candidate for HRT.
They put me on 200mg per week taken on Sunday/Thur, Nature Throid 1 grain, and various vitamins. Half way through I started taking 250 mcg HCG twice a week to kick start the boys just in case. My plan was to commit to it and make it a lifelong therapy, but after 9 months I just didn't like the way I felt. I wanted and needed to be much more patient and easy going since I am a father of a 2yr old and 3yr old and my wife travels alot, leaving me as Mr. Mom for days at a time.

Here is where is gets interesting, I let my dr at the clinic know I was stopping and asked what we needed to do as a PCT. She had nothing to say other than they don't have a plan for that since this should be a lifetime commitment, and told me to just come back in a few weeks if I felt bad (probably knowing full well the brutal depression I was about to endure after being on trt for 9 months).

So, I ran the HCG for the two weeks after my last pin then switched over to liquid Clomid at 50 mgs a day for 2 weeks then down to 25 mgs. I have been running the clomid for 3 months now at 25mgs and started back on Zoloft (only 25 mg, smallest dose) that I had been on for years before trt.

My question is this: How much longer do I need to run PCT since I ran TRT for 9 months at 200mg Test C per week? Do I need Aromosin to finish this off? Each time I try to taper to stop I become an emotional, depressed mess with a good dose of anxiety. Making things worse are my two kiddos running around playing, fighting, crying, etc and me being by myself half the time. I am going in for labs today, are there other levels I need to look at besides just T and E2? Clearly the clinic has no idea and I can't seem to come off Clomid completely yet.

Any help/advice is absolutely appreciated!
clomid alone is not going to recover you at all and i have no clue where you would get that if you have been a long time reader here? in not sure what you are expecting that to do after nine consecutive months when thats not even close to enough on a normal cycle for pct... have you checked any bloodwork? it makes it rather impossible to even answer without that
Hi Dylan,

Thank you for the quick response. When reading around various sites, people had talked about Clomid or Nolva, not both to do PCT. I chose Clomid since it had worked for me in the past. I did have my T, Free T, and E2 checked about a month ago and everything seemed to look good. Total T was 475, Free T 14, and E2 was in the high 20's I believe. I feel fine when I am taking the 25mgs, its when I start to drop it down that things get hairy. What do you think it is going to take to recover from this? Thanks again for all the help you provide everyone.
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