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    Thoughts on Caber? Safe to use?

    Hi Everybody, After a long battle trying to recover my body after past steroid use and having nothing work, i decided to cut my losses and go on TRT. Since I'd be on Test for the rest of my life, i decided to do a quick 12 week blast before going into my original 100mg/wk Test Cyp dosage...
  2. P

    Do I need preventative PCT?

    First post here. Saw the youtube series and was impressed with the emphasis on clean gains and wanted to follow up. According to the sticky I need to post some vitals on my first post so I'm doing so here. I'm going to throw everything in so if it gets long, I apologize. Age: 47 Ht: 5'8" Wt...
  3. M

    PCT with Clomid after 9 months HRT

    Hi Everyone, Long time stalker but first time poster so I will try and include as much detail as possible regarding my question. Alittle background, I am 42yrs old, 220lbs and been training most of my life. In college I ran a few cycles between 12 - 14weeks and followed hcg/clomid PCT each...
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    Just getting Started with SARMs

    A little about myself and what led up to taking action: My name is Justin. I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself as I need a place to post my progress and results. I am an endomorph, which means I can gain weight easily and have to work hard at looking and feeling good. To...