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    Pro-Hormone Advice

    Hey Dylan, I have been watching your videos on pct, nolva, clomid, mk 2866, but I am still not 100% how to dose out the correct amount of nolva and clomid for the cycle I am about to run. I plan on taking 17a Andro for 4 weeks from Steel Supplements and I have taken the 4 Andro from them last...
  2. R

    Sarms bloodwork

    Hi I got bloodwork done before my sarms cycle, at the end of it and I’m just wondering how long after PCT would you wait to get them done again due to clomid half life? (Clomid run at 50/50/25/25) Thanks
  3. K

    Rad140, ostarine, LGD bad sides

    Hi all, I've realised that I've been doing an excessive cycle and I'm 5 weeks into my cycle consisting of lgd 8mg, ostarine 20mg, rad140 20mg. Past week I've experiences bad sleep, sweating a lot especially in my sleep, tiredness and lethargy, and yesturday my blood pressure was 166/88 causing...
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    I ran LGD 4033 for 12 weeks at 19 years old. Will I be ok?

    Hey all, It's been 2 months since I finished my 12 week cycle of LGD 4033. I ran 7.5mg capsules (from maxmusclelabs) for 10 weeks and then 15mg for the last 2 weeks. I felt horrible throughout all of the cycle, probably symptoms of low test. Note: I ran 6 weeks of tongkat ali during the cycle...
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    New and, unfortunately, ignorant of how to dose PCT, etc.

    To anyone willing to give me a little guidance, I will be extremely thankful. I ran about 14 mos of Test Enanthate @ 300 x 2 times./week While on that, I also took 50mg Clomid EOD. Was doing this based on advice I received from a friend I thought was well educated about using AAS, but seems...
  6. A

    Issues with Clomid

    Hey guys Just finished a 12 week cycle of lean bulk with Rad 140 and Osta. I started my pct regime three days ago and plan to run Clomid 50/25/25/25 and GW 20 mg ED for four weeks as recommended by Dylan. However my third day into this PCT regime has led me to experience severe...
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    Post Cycle Blood Work Please Help

    Hey everybody, I just got post cycle blood work done and my testosterone and LH are significantly low.. Here are my results: Test Name Result Reference Range TESTOSTERONE 67* 250-1100 ng/dL TEST/FREE 13.8* 35.0-155.0 pg/mL Test Name Result...
  8. J

    RAD 140 PCT Struggles - Totally neccessary?

    Took RAD 140 and MK-677 together for about 5 weeks (20ml each). Saw HUGE gains right away, however I cut the cycle short because I started feeling sort of a soreness and discomfort in the thyroid area and assumed that it might have been causing some adverse reaction. I got on 50ml Clomid right...
  9. B

    Still Trying to Recover: Thyroid, Dopamine or Other?

    Hi Guys, brace yourself for a long read! Many of you have known and tried your best to help me on these forums for a couple of years now. I would ask questions in a very panic, desperate state being worried sick about having a limp penis, low libido etc. Today i post my question with a more...
  10. S

    Low testosterone, clomid, ostarine?

    Hi all, bit of info, I've been going to the gym for 4 years now and have very little to show for the amount of time I've been lifting. Admitidly I havent always had a proper program but I have for the last 2years and things still haven't worked out. It turns out that my testosterone over the...
  11. R

    LGD-4033 cycle + PCT

    Hi guys and girls. I’ve taken some time to delve into researching a cycle of LGD-4033 and I’m looking for criticism and advice on my current knowledge: Duration: I’ve seen mixed opinions between running LGD-4033 for 6-12 weeks - supposedly it peaks around 6 weeks so there is no need to stop...
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    1st cycle, test/boldenone/ out with winstrol.pct recommendations and overall opinion?

    Hello everyone, im going to start my first cycle on monday. first of all, stats: Age - 25 Height - 1.79/1.80 ctms. Weight - 165 as today. Body fat % - 15 Years of training -trained from 17 yo to 21 yo. took a break now i have been training for around half a year Complete cycle history...
  13. B

    To Use HCG or Not?

    Firstly I’d like to start by posting my most current labs as of 10/30/2017: Prolactin: 6.5 (2-18 ng/mL) E2: 55 (< OR = 39 pg/mL) HIGH Test: 783 (250-827 ng/dL) FSH: 2.5 (1.6-8 mIU/mL) LH: 5.0 (1.5-9.3 mIU/mL) TESTOSTERONE, FREE: 86.9 (46.0-224.0 pg/mL) SHBG: 50 (10-50 nmol/L) As you would...
  14. K

    Letro for gyno and when to stop

    Had some gyno flare up on my first cycle very late while running sustanon @500mg a week. I took bad advice and didn’t get an aromatase inhibitor in time to stop gyno. I started taking letrozole as soon as I felt the pea sized lump behind my nip. I have been using it for roughly a week now, and...
  15. M

    PCT with Clomid after 9 months HRT

    Hi Everyone, Long time stalker but first time poster so I will try and include as much detail as possible regarding my question. Alittle background, I am 42yrs old, 220lbs and been training most of my life. In college I ran a few cycles between 12 - 14weeks and followed hcg/clomid PCT each...
  16. B


    I've looked all around for a PCT (SERM/AI/HCG) source with little to no luck.. Can someone point me in the direction of a vendor or PM me with a legitamite PCT source? I take PCT seriously and want to make sure when the time comes that it's not bunk. Thank you anyone that has input!
  17. B

    2nd PCT Advice?

    What's up guys I'm currently waiting for bloodwork on E2 and Prolactin as well as general T levels and such. I'm waiting ever so patiently but in the event my urologist isn't helpful and or won't prescribe me anything, I wanted to get some advice on a second PCT option. My current levels...
  18. B

    Has anybody used hipocampus as of recent?

    Hey Guys I'm about to run a second pct as I haven't recovered fully and I want to move on from research chemicals. I stumbled across and it claims to be selling legit pharma grade products. I'm interested in buying proviron, clomid and nolva. Has anybody bought from them...
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    Need Help Recovering, advice please!

    Here's my current bloodwork: Test : 540 (standard range 249.0 - 836.0) LH: 4.1 FSH: 1.4 TSH: 2.04 My last cycle was Test E 500mg for 12 weeks and it ended late 2015/early 2016. I'm pretty sure I recovered fine (I did HCG 250 iu 2x per week after last pin, plus clomid/Nolva afterwards) I...
  20. K

    PCT after complete shutdown

    Whats the best way to kick start natural test production AFTER ive already stopped gear? Unfortunately my natural system has shut down completely and i can tell you its no joke! I came across your helpful videos a little late this time. Next time ill be ready! But for now is hcg out of the...
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