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Hey Dylan, I have been watching your videos on pct, nolva, clomid, mk 2866, but I am still not 100% how to dose out the correct amount of nolva and clomid for the cycle I am about to run. I plan on taking 17a Andro for 4 weeks from Steel Supplements and I have taken the 4 Andro from them last september and enjoyed the results. After I took the 4 Andro I ran a pct from Innovapharm called stage 1 Test Rejuvenation. I felt fine after the cycle and up to now, and by fine I mean my T-levels and sexual drive never decreased dramatically, as well as my organ function stayed healthy, My body/gear never shut down so to speak, but after watching your videos I wondered if I went about the pct correctly and I am more concerned about long term effects so I want to do this cycle the most knowledgeable way possible. I am 22 years old, 6'5 and 180 pounds. If you could please guide me in the right dosage direction for both nolva and clomid for a 4 week pct after a 17a pro-hormone cycle. I also have mk 2866 and plan on running it for 4 weeks at 25mgs a day for a pct as well, and I plan an using your OrganSt in my pct too. And do you believe it is still necessary for me to run cardarine as a pct along with the nolva, clomid, mk 2866 and OrganST after my 17a 4 week cycle or would I be fine without it? Thank you so much for all your help Dylan!
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i dont advise steroid use to anyone your age and dont want anything to do with that whatsoever...
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