1. G

    Need help for a “recovery” phase my doctor is putting me on for 3 months

    Hi everyone. Long time visitor and even posted a few times throughout the years. But it’s been a min. Need some help my bros! Long story short. I’ve been on TRT for about 5-6 years now. I naturally have low test/ high estrogen and found out when i was in my mid 20s. Took me long enough to find...
  2. J

    PCT for Ostarine?

    Just received Ostarine + Cardarine from Umbrella. Blown away -- great prices, easy checkout, free shipping, amazing packaging/branding, responsive customer service, etc etc. This co really goes above/beyond. Have also purchased peptides & SARMs from -- also a great exp -- but...
  3. Clover80

    Pct advice

    What’s up again fellas just a quick question. About to start pct next week and with Dylan’s advice I’m adding a few things to my pct I normally don’t do. 20mg gw card ed 25mg mk ed 12.5 aromasin eod And my normal clomid 50/50/25/25 Nolva 40/40/20/20 Now I usually wait 2 half life’s when using...
  4. F

    PCT while on TRT

    Hi everyone, Some background information before i get to my question: On 7-Feb-2022 i went in for surgery, i had my inguinal hernia repaired as well as a vasectomy - surgery done laparoscopically For the past few years i have been taking 60mg Test E once every week When i got home from...
  5. D

    Looking for advice on a second sarms cycle

    Currently 5'11 165 pounds 18 years old around 10 percent body fat( defined abs started lifting because I was a rail) and was wondering what compounds to stack. Trying to stay away from yk11 and am leaning towards mk677 mk2866 and lgd4033. I'm hoping to put on mass and am perfectly okay with some...
  6. L

    Sarms Bulking Stack

    Hi isarms I wanted to get some feedback on my sarms bulking stack. Info: age 36, weight 96 kg (lost around 9 kg since mid May 2021). Still trying to lose more weight. I have been working out since age 18, on and off. But this year I started again after a 3 years break. So I would start this...
  7. M

    PCT advise , bloating and water retention HELP!

    Hey brothers Please can you help answer some of my PCT questions? I am - Male , age 31 , hight 5?8 (175) , weight 86kg Test E - 1ml sorry that?s how we say in the UK / 1,000 Milligram (mg) 16 weeks cycle I have recently purchased clomid online and I have made a silly mistake of not...
  8. N

    First Cycle

    Hello All! Happy New Year! Im new here and also to cycles... Stats: 32 5'6 220lbs Typically "Healthy As A Horse" from the doctor. Though I have a higher BF% than I should. I want to do a Halodrol Cycle and just need a little information on the stack...below is what I have in mind.... Pre...
  9. B

    Army Ranger School

    Hi, I am going to Ranger School in a couple of months and I want to bulk up as much as possible. Most guys burn like 10,000 calories a day at RS and loose 20-30 pounds by the end of it. It lasts two months long if you don't recycle. I train 2-3 hours a day, doing heavy ass gym lifting, running...
  10. OSGear

    Post Cycle Therapy products on OSGear

    Checkout a big selection of Post Cycle Therapy products! Are you looking for Nolvadex, Arimidex, Aromasin, Caber, Clomid, HCG, Letrozole, Proviron? YES, you can find them all on OSGEAR! LINK -> PROMO CODE: OFF30 Thank you, OSGear Team
  11. R

    Nolvadex in PCT

    Hello all, So I?ve always read where using nolvadex with 19-Nor compounds is a no no. My question is can nolvadex be used during pct after running a cycle of Tren and Test Enanthate and not cause any negative sides despite using a 19-Nor throughout the cycle? Again, thank you to all...
  12. C

    Tren Hex + Test Cyp + Anadrol ++ (w/ SARMS) question

    I am on PCT after a 14-week Primo/Test/Deca cycle. When my 6-week PCT is through, I'd like to know how long I should wait before beginning this cycle: Trex Hex: 200 mg/wk 1-10 Test Cypionate: 600 mg/wk 1-12 Anadrol 50 mg/day for weeks 1-6 The added twist here is that I have other things to...
  13. S

    Ostarine cycle Testicle pain (week 3 of 25mg)

    Hello all, So I started liquid OStarine 3 weeks ago at 25 mg a day. Goal is to do 12 weeks Just started getting some minor testicle ache that has lasted the past 3/4 days now... Woke up today and it is definitely feeling better. I know Ostarine has potential to suppress Testosterone but based...
  14. C

    LGD 4033 PCT Limited options HELP

    So my rat just ended 10 mg LGD-4033 ten week cycle. This ended 9 days ago. I made a lot of mistakes with this cycle so lesson learned but here we go. This is only my second cycle, first cycle was Ostarine. No blood work, I reiterate, lesson learned. Coronavirus, legal issues, a complex series of...
  15. D

    Am I running a proper PCT for this cycle?

    I'm a 22 year old male 5'11/ 190 pounds/15% bf , I have been training for 5 years HARD and consistent. I have been researching Sarms for a little over a year. I feel i am ready to progress further, this is my first time taking PEDS, here is my proposed cycle: LGD4033?10mg MK677?10mg 8 weeks...
  16. A

    Post cycle start date?

    When do I start my post cycle? I did about 15 week gear cycle. Ten weeks of test C and five weeks of test prop. I waited about a week before I started my post cycle of mk2866,gw-501516,clomid,nolv,ai per Dylan gemelli specs but not sure if I started to late or early.
  17. P

    Cycle Help

    I have done one steroid cycle in the past which was Sustanon 250 dosed at 300mg for weeks 1-5 and weeks 6-12 I increased the dosed to 500mg. I was pinning every Sunday and completed a full PCT. I am wanting to do another cycle while eating 4,500 clean calories, one cheat meal a week, intense...
  18. B

    1st PCT questions

    About to start my first PCT and received clomid and nolvadex capsules. I was kinda expecting tablets. Has anyone ever received clomid or nolvadex capsules and how do you know they are working? Do you feel it at all? Thanks
  19. R

    PCT dosaging

    Hi everyone, I am finishing my cycle of RAD140/20mg and Ostarine 20/mg for a 12 week cycle. I have nolvadex as my PCT I had my dosaging for nolvadex but after reading more online I confused myself regarding how much and how long I should run it for. Can anyone give me any recommendations for the...
  20. G

    PCT flickering on/off

    I am 7 weeks off of running a 2 year cycle straight of 200mg test C a week. arimidex .25mg twice a week.. I'm 34 years old. Yes I know that was stupid to run that. I need to come off because I want to have children. pct..I ran hcg, 1,000 mg a week for 4 weeks. arimidex .5mg twice a week then I...
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