1. L

    Sarms Bulking Stack

    Hi isarms I wanted to get some feedback on my sarms bulking stack. Info: age 36, weight 96 kg (lost around 9 kg since mid May 2021). Still trying to lose more weight. I have been working out since age 18, on and off. But this year I started again after a 3 years break. So I would start this...
  2. M

    PCT advise , bloating and water retention HELP!

    Hey brothers Please can you help answer some of my PCT questions? I am - Male , age 31 , hight 5?8 (175) , weight 86kg Test E - 1ml sorry that?s how we say in the UK / 1,000 Milligram (mg) 16 weeks cycle I have recently purchased clomid online and I have made a silly mistake of not...
  3. N

    First Cycle

    Hello All! Happy New Year! Im new here and also to cycles... Stats: 32 5'6 220lbs Typically "Healthy As A Horse" from the doctor. Though I have a higher BF% than I should. I want to do a Halodrol Cycle and just need a little information on the stack...below is what I have in mind.... Pre...
  4. B

    Army Ranger School

    Hi, I am going to Ranger School in a couple of months and I want to bulk up as much as possible. Most guys burn like 10,000 calories a day at RS and loose 20-30 pounds by the end of it. It lasts two months long if you don't recycle. I train 2-3 hours a day, doing heavy ass gym lifting, running...
  5. OSGear

    Post Cycle Therapy products on OSGear

    Checkout a big selection of Post Cycle Therapy products! Are you looking for Nolvadex, Arimidex, Aromasin, Caber, Clomid, HCG, Letrozole, Proviron? YES, you can find them all on OSGEAR! LINK -> PROMO CODE: OFF30 Thank you, OSGear Team
  6. R

    Nolvadex in PCT

    Hello all, So I?ve always read where using nolvadex with 19-Nor compounds is a no no. My question is can nolvadex be used during pct after running a cycle of Tren and Test Enanthate and not cause any negative sides despite using a 19-Nor throughout the cycle? Again, thank you to all...
  7. C

    Tren Hex + Test Cyp + Anadrol ++ (w/ SARMS) question

    I am on PCT after a 14-week Primo/Test/Deca cycle. When my 6-week PCT is through, I'd like to know how long I should wait before beginning this cycle: Trex Hex: 200 mg/wk 1-10 Test Cypionate: 600 mg/wk 1-12 Anadrol 50 mg/day for weeks 1-6 The added twist here is that I have other things to...
  8. S

    Ostarine cycle Testicle pain (week 3 of 25mg)

    Hello all, So I started liquid OStarine 3 weeks ago at 25 mg a day. Goal is to do 12 weeks Just started getting some minor testicle ache that has lasted the past 3/4 days now... Woke up today and it is definitely feeling better. I know Ostarine has potential to suppress Testosterone but based...
  9. C

    LGD 4033 PCT Limited options HELP

    So my rat just ended 10 mg LGD-4033 ten week cycle. This ended 9 days ago. I made a lot of mistakes with this cycle so lesson learned but here we go. This is only my second cycle, first cycle was Ostarine. No blood work, I reiterate, lesson learned. Coronavirus, legal issues, a complex series of...
  10. D

    Am I running a proper PCT for this cycle?

    I'm a 22 year old male 5'11/ 190 pounds/15% bf , I have been training for 5 years HARD and consistent. I have been researching Sarms for a little over a year. I feel i am ready to progress further, this is my first time taking PEDS, here is my proposed cycle: LGD4033?10mg MK677?10mg 8 weeks...
  11. A

    Post cycle start date?

    When do I start my post cycle? I did about 15 week gear cycle. Ten weeks of test C and five weeks of test prop. I waited about a week before I started my post cycle of mk2866,gw-501516,clomid,nolv,ai per Dylan gemelli specs but not sure if I started to late or early.
  12. P

    Cycle Help

    I have done one steroid cycle in the past which was Sustanon 250 dosed at 300mg for weeks 1-5 and weeks 6-12 I increased the dosed to 500mg. I was pinning every Sunday and completed a full PCT. I am wanting to do another cycle while eating 4,500 clean calories, one cheat meal a week, intense...
  13. B

    1st PCT questions

    About to start my first PCT and received clomid and nolvadex capsules. I was kinda expecting tablets. Has anyone ever received clomid or nolvadex capsules and how do you know they are working? Do you feel it at all? Thanks
  14. R

    PCT dosaging

    Hi everyone, I am finishing my cycle of RAD140/20mg and Ostarine 20/mg for a 12 week cycle. I have nolvadex as my PCT I had my dosaging for nolvadex but after reading more online I confused myself regarding how much and how long I should run it for. Can anyone give me any recommendations for the...
  15. G

    PCT flickering on/off

    I am 7 weeks off of running a 2 year cycle straight of 200mg test C a week. arimidex .25mg twice a week.. I'm 34 years old. Yes I know that was stupid to run that. I need to come off because I want to have children. pct..I ran hcg, 1,000 mg a week for 4 weeks. arimidex .5mg twice a week then I...
  16. A

    Lgd + mk 2866 (ostarine) pct

    How would a lgd+ mk 2866 (ostarine) cycle pct look like? I plan on taking them 4 weeks, I've run ostarine in the past and noticed good results with no side effects, still, I dont know much about the subject, thanks in advance.
  17. J

    Transitioning from SARMs cycle to test e cycle

    Is it okay to do a 4 week lgd, Mk2866 and Osterine cycle and then go directly into a 8-10 week test e only cycle without pct in between? A friend of mine is currently on the said cycle and wants to transition into test e 500mg a week for 8-10wk period at the end of the 4 week sarms cycle and...
  18. RUCingdsgainz

    So what do you think of Rich Pianas New Post Gear supplement?

    Saw that 5% nutrition has a new supplement out called Post Gear an all in one type PCT deal. I do not believe in these all in one PCTs but what do you think about it in regaurds to taking it as a test booster/supplement mix as it has other ingriedients that could be helpful.
  19. J

    Eating after SARMs-cycle (Post cycle nutrition)

    Hey guys, thanks in Advance for any inputs :) Soon I'll reach the end of my first SARMs cycle and I have some questions on how to continue afterwards. As I hardly found any articles let alone studies, I'd be happy to hear your experiences. I'm doing a recomp cycle (LGD-4033, Ostarine...
  20. X

    4 week cutting stack. PCT

    So I bought the 4 week cutting stack on esarm. Do i need a PCT after this cycle? If so what is a good PCT stack?