1. T

    Urgent Help (Aus

    Hey guys, First time posting - so apologise if any mistakes Anyway, I’m about 1 week away from finishing a 10 week LGD/MK677 cycle and I’ve just realised that it’s incredibly hard to get your hands on Clomid or Nolva here. I have slight suppression (softer erections and a seemingly smaller...
  2. M

    LGD-4033, I need advice.

    I’m looking into doing SARMS, I’m going to take LGD-4033, they’re capsules, on the bottle it says to take 2 capsules a day, but the serving for one capsule is 12.5 mg. I need help, I need advice and I need a good PCT plan. I’m planning on taking LGD for 8 weeks.
  3. RUCingdsgainz

    PCT coming up HCG question

    So I’m two months into my cycle and PCT is coming up. Going to do my usual Post CT, chlomid,nova,aromosin,gw but I want to try HCG simply for am I right to go with 3000 IUs a week for the last 4 weeks of my cycle ???
  4. T

    Mid-cycle start to pct

    I'm 35 days into my cycle of 20mg/day rad-140. Seeing great results. The guy who turned me on to this stuff told me that no pct was necessary and I managed to come to the same conclusion from the limited research that I did pre-cycle. Now, going back and doing more research, I'm seeing that pct...
  5. N

    PCT for Sarms and where to buy (first time user)

    So I’m looking at running Ostarine for 6 weeks for my first time using sarms. I’ve done my homework and research but could use more tips from people who’ve had experience already. I’m also looking to do a cycle on LGD 4033 but later on in the year. My general question is where to buy PCT since...
  6. A

    7 weeks of Ostarine

    In 10 days I'll finish up with a 7 week cycle of Ostarine. Liquid form from a reputable source. I haven't noticed any sides whatsoever, other than maybe mild testicular shrinkage, but could be my imagination. In any case, I plan on running DAA and Tribulus to boost natural test levels...
  7. S

    ostarine in PCT after a sarm cycle?

    Hello, im currently on - 50mg S4 - 20mg RAD140 - 10mg LGD-4033 - 20mg MK-677 - 50mcg T3 i have ostarine aswell but i wonder if it would be worth adding 20mg to my pct after the sarm cycle is completed, or just simply add it to my cycle?
  8. L

    I missed PCT

    10 months ago I was on dbol DECA and test cycle targeted 12weeks but I completed only 7 weeks. because of Roode rage between cycle I used 2 proviron every day 1 caber every Sunday & 1/2 letrazol every Thursday as protections But after that I didn't start PCT What should i do please help me 🙏🙏🙏
  9. M

    SARMs stack after test and EQ cycle

    My last pin was Monday 7/2 i had been looking into sarms for awhile now and with closing its site I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and order some. although I did get some noticeable gains in size I really didn't gain the muscle mass or the weight I was hoping for on the test...
  10. RUCingdsgainz

    HCG use

    My boss is planning on using HCG after his cycle I belive he is on 400mg test and 300 tren Ace how much HCG should he use before going going into PCT?
  11. S

    Nolvadex + clomid during SARM pct?

    Tittle says it all Im currently on: 50 mcg T3 5mg LGD-4033 25mg S4 10mg RAD140 20mg MK677 20mg Cardarine i have both nolva and clomid, but I hear different opinions - some say clomid and some say nolva. can I run them both at the same time?
  12. B

    Still Trying to Recover: Thyroid, Dopamine or Other?

    Hi Guys, brace yourself for a long read! Many of you have known and tried your best to help me on these forums for a couple of years now. I would ask questions in a very panic, desperate state being worried sick about having a limp penis, low libido etc. Today i post my question with a more...
  13. S

    Questions about HCG. Where does Dylan stand?

    Looking to hear Dylan's stance on HCG in lieu of the recent YouTube videos by the Spartan claiming that PCT is NOT necessary if you take HCG simultaneously and in conjunction with your Test. Please, let us know the facts.
  14. M

    PCT Questions. Overkill or not enough?

    I have had some amazing results on my 8 week cycle but now I am coming up on the end and want some of you more experienced guys to take a look at my PCT and give your opinion. Cycle: S4 - 50mg/day AM and PM GW-510516 - 10mg pre-workout Ostarine - 25mg/day in AM Planned PCT: Nolvadex –...
  15. H

    Stack with Hypothyroidism Advice

    I've been on medication for hypothyroidism for 14 years. My metabolism wavers at best and I struggle with weight loss and muscle gain. I've also got a few nagging injuries. Looking to take a stack that will help boost my metabolism, increase fat loss, strength and injury recovery. From what I've...
  16. Z

    LGD 4033 Questions

    I’ll start my first cycle of LGD-4033 10mg / day for 8 weeks. Is there a better time to be taken (pre/pos workout, etc)? I intend to make a PCT w/ Novaldex 20/20/20/10 rather than clomid, is this a problem? Is enough to turn the shaft? How many days after the cycle did I start the PCT? I have a...
  17. I

    PCT sellers in Canada?

    I'm wondering if any of you guys know where you can buy Clomid or Nolvadex in Canada. I heard that there was a shortage of Clomid here for some reason and I'm worried that customs will seize them if I buy them internationally? Are there any reputable Canada-based sellers?
  18. K

    Need SARMS PCT Help

    Hello Forum! Hoping to get some help on SARMS cycle specific PCT. Any info I found on here was either confusing, outdated, or not SARMS specific. Would love any quick advice or expertise please. 28 year old adult male with intermediate anabolic cycle experience now on my 1st SARMS-only 12...
  19. F

    HCG advice

    Hi Dylan and everyone I'm about to start my cycle and I had a question about the HCG I'm gonna have to use during. First some info: Age: 32 Height: 1m80 or 5' 11" Weight: 94kg or 207 pounds Fat: 12% (recently measured) Training for about 12-13 years. If you need to know more, feel free to...
  20. S


    Hey this is just an introduction. Little about myself I'm 27 yrs old, 5'10 13% bf. Cycle history a has been quite a few of test only cycles 3 times, test Winny 3 times, Test and tren twice. Wanted to get thoughts on pct. I've always done nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20 for short 10 week cycles and...
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