SARMs stack after test and EQ cycle


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My last pin was Monday 7/2 i had been looking into sarms for awhile now and with closing its site I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and order some. although I did get some noticeable gains in size I really didn't gain the muscle mass or the weight I was hoping for on the test and eq so I decided to go with a pretty significant stack (at least in my opinion) before I try a test and d-bol cycle which I still plan on doing sometime down the road. I understand that food is everything when running anything and I will be adjusting my diet for the sarms.

QUESTION is how long after my PCT should I wait to start my sarm cycle, or should I skip the sarms and run a test d-bol cycle next and save the sarms for later.

Heres what I was running:
1-12 test E 300mg x2 a week
1-12 eq 250mg x2 a week

PCT I have planned:
nolvadex 40/20/20/10 from enhanced chemicals
mk-2866 25/25/25/12.5
gw 501516 20mg split am/pm
(site was out of clomid at the time and with this being the first time ordering research chemicals I didn't know what sites to trust.)

my BF is 10-12% (according to the scale) and i'm coming off at 150lbs (I really want to hit 165 lean)

the sarm stack I plan on running is:



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IRC is a terrible source man, i doubt you have it had legit sarms

Stay away from YK no one will recommend that

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well hell... when I was looking into sarms I read a lot of good reviews on irc

whats so wrong with yk? should I just leave it out or sub it for something else
yk is something where you really have no clue any long and short term issues with it and really, what kind of raws are even being sent from china.. if you fucking paid me i wouldnt use it and worse than that, irc is basically as bad as it gets...
Well then... that really sucks to hear!!! Where do you suggest my rat gets his SARMs from? And to answer my question should I run the sarms or run the test and dbol? And if so how long after my pct should I wait. I know the general rule is time on=time off but didn’t know if that applied to SARMs as well.
definitely go with the sarms man... your best bet is to get started there.. you are moving in the right direction but i would definitely start there... with sarms, you run a cycle and if you go into just another sarms cycle then you only need 4 weeks off in between
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