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first sarm cycle

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    First Sarm Cycle Help

    Hello, I'm 24yo, 82 kgs , 6'2, 19% bf. Training since 4 years. I want to try sarms. I'm looking for recomposition. A friend of mine have suggested me this cycle. 8 weeks cycle and dosage. GW= 20 mg daily, 2 capsules before workout. RAD= 20 mg daily, early morning when you wakeup. LGD 10 mg...
  2. M

    SARMs stack after test and EQ cycle

    My last pin was Monday 7/2 i had been looking into sarms for awhile now and with closing its site I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger and order some. although I did get some noticeable gains in size I really didn't gain the muscle mass or the weight I was hoping for on the test...
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    First SARM cycle

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forums and new to gear, SARMS, etc, I have never taken anything other than whey and casein protein. Like many in the forums I am in the of some beginner/ rookie advice. Initially I had done some research and wanted to do for my first SARMS cycle to stack S4 and...