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So my rat just ended 10 mg LGD-4033 ten week cycle. This ended 9 days ago. I made a lot of mistakes with this cycle so lesson learned but here we go. This is only my second cycle, first cycle was Ostarine. No blood work, I reiterate, lesson learned.
Coronavirus, legal issues, a complex series of events I am not going to get into, I was not able to get the proper pct in time. I went 5 days off cycle with nothing more than a multivitamin, from the days 6- today, I have taken blue ox natural testosterone booster, and stopped taking the multivitamins because they have some of the same ingredients. I know this could have all been avoided if I had been prepared. was able to get my hands on Arimiplex from Hi tech Pharma, which has arimistane, it was all I could get for PCT. Developed gyno like symptoms I guess, fat nipples, kinda puffy, and they began to point more towards my armpits. No lumps and no pain though. This began halfway through my cycle. The same thing happened in the Ostarine cycle also about halfway through the cycle and went away in about a month post cycle, so I am not too concerned. No other side effects really.

So day 9 post cycle what is my best bet as in terms of what I have. I constantly hear people say arimistane is okay on cycle, and sometimes off cycle but usually with nolva/clomid.
Keep taking test boosters? Maybe run the arimiplex alongside? Or am I better off just saving the arimiplex for the future? I dont want to crash my estrogen, I feel fine, I can just tell that I am not on lgd any more lol. I was also thinking maybe just run the test booster for a month and then do arimiplex? I totally understand this is a shitty pct situation so what would you recommend as just a best case scenario? A lot of people say you can use arimistane as pct but I know im these forums they do not recommend it. Is it a bad idea to start the arimiplex after 9 days no pct except blue ox? To late to start running it at this point? They say arimistane can even be run as a stand alone cycle, or you can run it alongside sarms so why is it not good for pct?
Arimistane is an AI, its not a serm.

Its got no purpose in a sarms cycle or as a PCT.

If you cant get your hands on clomid or nolva I would suggest N2GenerateES as a test booster.

Where did you get your LGD? Real LGD for 10 weeks shouldnt shut you down too much so a natural test booster as your only option is OK recovery will likely take longer without a serm.
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It has no purpose in a sarms cycle, or pct? What is it?s purpose then? Treats gyno (which I appear to have a mild case of right now) and it lowers estrogen, so if your test drops too much it will keep you from being estrogen dominant. And then it has the secondary effect of raising test because estrogen has dropped. If not during or post cycle, when is the time to use it? So many people say take it during cycle if you develop gyno.

Would I be doing more harm than good if I did it anyway?
So is known for putting stuff other than real sarms in their products (things like pro hormones and oral steroids).

With real sarms they do not aromatize (convert to estrogen) so taking an AI when you don?t need it means you are potentially crushing your estrogen which isn?t good.

It?s purpose is when you take a wet compound that aromatizes it controls your estrogen levels to keep them in the healthy range. Perfect example is testosterone. Injecting test will raise your testosterone levels however when injected it will cause estrogen to rise and an AI keeps your estrogen in check.

Taking it with real sarms or even oral/injectable steroids that do not aromatize is pointless.

I mean you could take it but I don?t see it serving much of a purpose. If you are having gyno from your sarms cycle you were not taking real sarms. If it was pre-existing even then the AI isn?t going to do much.
i honestly dont think you have used real sarms yet... sarms DO NOT convert to estrogen and you just shouldnt be having these issues with them... you need bloodwork more than anything before any sort of recommendation can ACCURATELY be given... speculating things is horrible to do because if you get it wrong you are going to just make shit worse than it already is..
Ya man this is a dumb situation for sure. You should always have an AI on hand no matter what you use and arimistane is the last choice u should choose. Aromosin or armidex is ok for some but aromosin is what you want. I?m telling you right now the Blue OX test booster is very under dosed and again a very poor choice! I have used blue ox in the past as well. Use Post CT u can order it off amazon I just got mine in the mail last week and it?s my preference especially during a PCT.

If ur still have funk symptom then u need to take an AI. Blood work might be hard with all the medical needs going to the covid situation right now but u def should get blood work is you can.

U might have some suppression from the LGD of it was real which is throwing your estrogen to Testosterone ratio to be off your normal range thus in turn causing gyno. An AI will help lower the estrogen and balance your levels.

Like I stated above u need blood work! And u should be doing all you can to get some Nolva, chlomid, and Post CT ASAP as well as aromosin.
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