Looking for advice on a second sarms cycle


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Currently 5'11 165 pounds 18 years old around 10 percent body fat( defined abs started lifting because I was a rail) and was wondering what compounds to stack. Trying to stay away from yk11 and am leaning towards mk677 mk2866 and lgd4033. I'm hoping to put on mass and am perfectly okay with some fluff I can lose it in a heartbeat. The first cycle was mk2866 only at 10 mg a day saw pretty damn good results over 8 weeks no side effects during or after without a pct or ai. Am planning on using aristimine as my pct and on hand AI if something goes wrong with the new cycle would love some advice on PCT/AI as well. Don't have experience with PCT so length of pct substance to use dosage time of consumption advice would all be very much appreciated.
brother, noone with even a fraction of a brain cell is going to advise a teenager to use ped's in any way, shape or form... you need to stop this craziness now...
You are far too young to be using PED's sir. I don't know of anyone with any kind of a conscience that would advise this to you
bros 2nd sarms run testolone rad/ostarine mk/cardarine gw
2nd sarms cycle is usually like this.
Ostarine mk 50mgs
Cardarine gw 20mgs
Testolone rad 25mgs
maybe some yk11
I have muscular dystrophy and only have so long so waiting years for this isn't an option for me :/
thats up to you, noone here is your dad but i assure you noone here is advising a teenager, regardless of your situation/excuse, to use any kind of ped whatsoever
I have muscular dystrophy and only have so long so waiting years for this isn't an option for me :/
EAT MORE. You’re 165lb and 18!! You don’t need performance enhancers at your age!! You’re age and testosterone natural levels are your natural performance enhancers!
You are really small my man. That has nothing to do with using or not using PEDs. That is because you are not eating enough. I guarantee if you fix your diet and keep training you will start putting weight on.
I can tell you from my experience here, that these are top quality people that actually care. There are forums out there that do not about about anyone or their health that will probably tell you anything you want to hear but on a forum like this, the members all take excellent care of one another and I cannot see anyone here ever advising such a thing man