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Ok, 41 year old New to the SARM Game. I wanted to check in with those who have actually used these SARMs for REAL advice. Some of what I’ll be asking about may seem redundant but I wanted to see what information I can get. to this. the goal is to shed some fat..

So I’m planning to run a 6 week cycle ( because i am new to SARMs) of S4 ( MY thought but I could be wrong) is that its a tad less suppressive and estrogen raising than Osta( I know SARMs don’t “directly” do this but because they suppress, then raising estrogen may happen..I got some oblique and chest fat so im just being cautious)

I wanted to run this along side SR9009 (or 9011) and CARDARINE..extended to 8 weeks

I wanted to run a cycle support product (like DEFEND or Blockade) WITH it

I know because S4 is slightly suppressive, so I want to have an AI on hand FOR the cycle (but I just don’t know what would be the best to use) or if I should.

To just start my test right after the cycle of S4 by using a PCT but I’m unsure which I should get and should it be something like REBIRTH (looking for links to legit NOVA if that would be a better option).

What else should I consider running ON the cycle and AFTER, if anything? Natty test booters? DAA? DIM?
none of this make sense

1. sarms do not convert to estrogen

2. sarms are not toxic

3. 6 weeks is a waste and you may as well save your money

who on earth is giving you this info?
Watch Dylans videos on YouTube about sarms or check into the evolution podcast both have amazing detailed videos on sarms that are fact based and truthful.
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