sarm advice

  1. F

    Has anyone used s-23 or ibutamoren?

    Will I need to take PCT if I use this? What are the pros and cons? Any advice?
  2. J

    1st time SARMs-S4 Cycle info

    Ok, 41 year old New to the SARM Game. I wanted to check in with those who have actually used these SARMs for REAL advice. Some of what I’ll be asking about may seem redundant but I wanted to see what information I can get. to this. the goal is to shed some fat.. So I’m planning to...
  3. D

    First sarms cycle advice

    Hello I’m a 21 year old male I have never touched any PEDs before but I’m planning to take sarms for first time . My goal is to recomp ( build dry lean muscle and burn fat) For aesthetics my stack : Acp-105 starting dose 10 mg to 20 mg max Cardarine : 20-25 mg Dhea as test base Question...
  4. L

    Need some cycle advice

    Hi guys First post, be kind! I've never had any experience with SARMs before but have been reading a lot of info on this forum. I'm looking for some help building a SARM cycle around LGD, I've read some good things about it's ability to put on lean muscle. Stats Age: 25 Height: 5ft 10...
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