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bulk cycle

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    Looking for advice on a second sarms cycle

    Currently 5'11 165 pounds 18 years old around 10 percent body fat( defined abs started lifting because I was a rail) and was wondering what compounds to stack. Trying to stay away from yk11 and am leaning towards mk677 mk2866 and lgd4033. I'm hoping to put on mass and am perfectly okay with some...
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    bulk cycle questions

    im looking to do a big bulk cycle thus winter. im looking at stacking d-bol anadrol test and eq what dosage would you guys suggest? im 5'8 150 9% BF I've run test and eq only before and wasn't really impressed however I did like the hardness from the eq.
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    Bulk cycle with DECA - TEST - TBOL

    Tbol - 250 test - 300 deca I’m starting my second cycle in about 6-8 weeks. The cycle including PCT with AI’s is going to be like this: Blood work is going to be done before cycle - mid cycle - off cycle -10 weeks of 250mg test E -10 weeks of 300mg’s deca, -6 weeks of Tbol running it as a...