gaining mass

  1. D

    Looking for advice on a second sarms cycle

    Currently 5'11 165 pounds 18 years old around 10 percent body fat( defined abs started lifting because I was a rail) and was wondering what compounds to stack. Trying to stay away from yk11 and am leaning towards mk677 mk2866 and lgd4033. I'm hoping to put on mass and am perfectly okay with some...
  2. Cocopiny

    Gaining big mass

    Hey guys, So I?ve got a question. I?m about 83 kg at 5-7% bodyfat at 5ft 8/ 174cm (ig for visual confirmation- emil_galant , I?m not sure if that?s against your rules to give out IG? Sorry if it is) I?ve always wanted to be a mass monster since I started gyming, I?ve been getting good...
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