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Hey guys,

So I?ve got a question. I?m about 83 kg at 5-7% bodyfat at 5ft 8/ 174cm (ig for visual confirmation- emil_galant , I?m not sure if that?s against your rules to give out IG? Sorry if it is)

I?ve always wanted to be a mass monster since I started gyming, I?ve been getting good steady progress for a long time and I?m happy with it. But for the future I wanted to know if it?s a MUST to use insulin in order to become the size of your average men?s open bodybuilder. It?s honestly my dream to not necessarily become a pro bodybuilder, but to LOOK like one. I know you can get a great physique without insulin or gh but do you need them to get to that ?freaky next level?. Of course genetics plays a huge factor in this regard, but you see so many of these guys look like twigs and then gain 50kg pure muscle in a bloody year or close to that 😂? drugs must play a big role in that too or am I mistaken. Essentially I wanted to know if it?s my genetics limiting me or if it?s my drug use. I?ve never really gone incredibly high, my biggest cycle ever was- 500mg test/wk, 50mg winnie/d 50mg turinabol/day, masteron- 400mg/wk

I never recommend using insulin man. Leave that for the top 10 Mr. O competitors. So dangerous and will likely just make you fat anyways.
gyming? please dont say that bro lol.. please...

no you absolutely DO NOT need insulin to gain mass... thats fucking absurd...
I think you just need to eat more bro with those stats.
The cycle you listed above is plenty big enough. If you want to add more size then try something like Deca and not masteron. I would stay away from insulin to me not worth the risk. HGH will increase you insulin sensitivity maybe try that first. Iv always wanted to be a mass monster to but I know my genetics limit me on that. I?m not so much into the mass monster look anymore than I am juts looking healthy and strong/solid.

Ha also find another way to say lifting other then gyming lol
Those mass monsters you want to be like don't run 500mg of Test bro. Those guys run SEVERAL grams and a bunch of other compounds, eat a ridiculous amount of calories, and have a very rigorous training routine. Adding insulin to that cycle you mentioned isn't really going to make a significant difference.
Thanks guys, I?ll stay off the insulin. I?m happy with my current progress and will leave hgh/ insulin for a few years from now if ever
You never want to model yourself and your goals off of the genetic elite and those that abuse drugs at the top level. Its unachievable for 99.999% of the population and extremely dangerous even if you had the right genetics and diet/training discipline to support it
My body like to ride around at 7-8 body fat. Unfortunately I am not able to add much bulk. I am trying something now.
I normally eat real lean.
I have increased my carbs a bunch and added in more good fat.
I am under the understanding the body uses carbs then fats then protein for energy. In that order. If you don?t have enough carbs for energy it burns fat next. Again if you are supper low body fat and eat low volume of fat. Then it starts burning protein which is you muscle. Hard to gain muscle if you body is eating it to survive.
Chang your diet.
Add more carbs and fat. I finish a 3 month clean bulk. Went from 187 - 200 I did add 2 percent bf. And added 6 lb SMM. Now I?m am going cut the extra bf off and see what extra muscle I keep. I way in next week but in first week of cut I dropped 7 lb and abs popped right back out. I am going to increase my diet a bit so I don?t start loosing my gains. Trial and error. Eat big to grow big. But don?t eat junk. You are very lean and that?s great. Eat good quality food and you will get bigger and can stay lean.
insulin is only for medical use, or top IFBB’s with coach’s that have everything dialed to a T.
I agree with the guys. This is something that could potentially kill you if you don’t know what you are doing.
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