Tren Hex + Test Cyp + Anadrol ++ (w/ SARMS) question


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I am on PCT after a 14-week Primo/Test/Deca cycle. When my 6-week PCT is through, I'd like to know how long I should wait before beginning this cycle:

Trex Hex: 200 mg/wk 1-10
Test Cypionate: 600 mg/wk 1-12
Anadrol 50 mg/day for weeks 1-6

The added twist here is that I have other things to hand and wonder (a) what can be added, (b) how much, (c) when, and (d) for how long.

My "med cabinet" also has Proviron, Cardarine, Ostarine, YK-11 and MK677.

Of course, I also have caber, aromasin, tamoxifen, liver support, and herbals like dandelion root extract, tribulus, tongkat ali.

[No matter what else is going on, I'm always doing 3000 mg L-arginine, 100 mg zinc in the morning, and 10 mg copper, 500 mg Lysine at night.]

I searched here and got a lot of helpful information, but still needed these details.

Thanks, everyone!
I would wait a minimum of 20 weeks as a general rule. Time on + PCT = Time off. Obviously blood work will give you a more exact answer as to when you are recovered.
Thanks to both of you - I had forgotten that rule of thumb!

When on my next cycle in - another 3 months from now! wow - is there any reason I should not do some or all of the following?

Proviron, Cardarine, Ostarine, YK-11 and MK677

Those with Tren/Test Cyp/Anadrol - though not all at the same time - still looks like quite a cocktail. But from what I've read and heard so far, I don't see a problem.
Ah! So rather than wait 5 months between cycles, how soon after PCT is it feasible to run a SARMS cycle? Back to the drawing board for me it is. Much obliged, as always!
if you are running a sarms bridge, you dont need time off, you can just transition right into it after you finish pct
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