1. A

    Test and Anavar

    I plan on taking a cycle of Anavar in a few months. I am constantly reading and being told I should stack var with testosterone, but I do not quite understand the exact process of this. In summary, what testosterone should I stack with Anavar? Also, I plan on talking about 60 to 70 mg a day for...
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  3. C

    Tren Hex + Test Cyp + Anadrol ++ (w/ SARMS) question

    I am on PCT after a 14-week Primo/Test/Deca cycle. When my 6-week PCT is through, I'd like to know how long I should wait before beginning this cycle: Trex Hex: 200 mg/wk 1-10 Test Cypionate: 600 mg/wk 1-12 Anadrol 50 mg/day for weeks 1-6 The added twist here is that I have other things to...
  4. J

    Post Cycle Nightmare

    Heres every detail of what I experienced so far after being forced to stop cycle Everything was good until one day my arm went completely numb and heart started pounding in my chest, couldnt even close my my hand nor lay down on my left side cuz It would make me feel even worse, my left side of...
  5. M

    Newbie Test Cyp cycle and post cycle advise

    Hi guys sure it's been asked before but need some advice as I've just started test cyp 10 week cycle. - Taking 200mg every Monday eve and Friday Monday (started today). - I've been advised to take T3 25 twice daily throughout cycle. Post cycle T3 25 for 2 weeks and 1 clomid everyday for 4...
  6. J

    Side effects after Stopping Cycle cold turkey

    Hello everyone I was on test 250 ew for 12 weeks took the hcg for for 2 weeks after last injection but when I started taking the clomid and the nolva and I started to feel very irritaded very emotional even at low doses so I literraly stopped taking them and now the only side effect that...
  7. C


    Hey guys, so I’m running 14 wk cycle 1 week into it 350mg test every week (sust 250), will up to 500 by the end of cycle 400mg of primo every week, will up to 550 by end of cycle Clen (going to use in the final 4 weeks) I’m 77kg at 5ft 8, so not huge but not small have been on 4 cycles before...
  8. V

    Second cycle

    I already did my first cycle (test300 and winny) (50mg winny in the first and last two 2weeks with 1cc of test a week followed by 4weeks pct cycle (50mg for two weeks than 25mg for 2weeks) I gained about 25pounds on that cycle and kept about 20ish pounds (been off cycle for 2months now) I was...
  9. T

    Cycle Advice

    Hey, Planning a 12 week cycle. Test E 500mg Tren E 200 Winstrol 40mg for the first 6 weeks. Have Ai , HCG ,Clomid ,Nolva I'm 5ft 7 182lbs and 16% bodyfat My Third cycle Just intrested in cutting down a bit more and add nice lean mass what is everybody's thoughts or improvements for...
  10. J

    First Test E/Var Cyle - W/ PICS

    I started my first cycle on Feb 27 (5 weeks ago) and I've been running 300 mg test e pw. Will add 50mg var from week 6-12. I've been disappointed with the results so far. My weight has went up about 8lbs (4lbs of which was during) week 1 & 2 but I haven't really noticed much of a difference in...
  11. S

    mk677 bloat

    Hey guys, currently on - 500mg test EW - 12.5mg aromasin EOD im currently on a cut, the water retention i get from test e is not that bad when i control my estrogen and keep my water intake high, and steer away from bad carbs. my first 4 weeks i ran lgd-4033 and mk677 LGD dosed at: 8mg...
  12. J

    Sex drive dead and doing every right! As far as I'm aware..

    I literally have no idea what to do anymore! I've tried everything from A to Z... So I have been on and off cycles for the past 2 years. My issue is I keep running into sexual related disasters time and time again. My usually cycles consist of test and deca. Of course I have all protocols at...
  13. L

    Advice Needed: Dbol + Winnie + Enant

    My Past Experience I did enanthate a few years ago for about 2 cycles, got a some gains (but too not crazy because I didn't use too much, about 250mg a week) but I can't say I had side effects, or noticeable ones My Goals: I want to bulk and then cut to achieve a more athletic look than...
  14. S

    Cardarine for fatloss

    Hey guys. I am about to start cardarine for fatloss is there anything I should know before starting like some people are saying it causes cancer some are saying use s23. Anyone who used cardarine how effective it was for fatloss or should I use s23?
  15. J

    Experience with Ironclad Chems ?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with iron clad chems I have seen no reviews and only one thread on here which well no one responded to because it was in the wrong section
  16. L

    I missed PCT

    10 months ago I was on dbol DECA and test cycle targeted 12weeks but I completed only 7 weeks. because of Roode rage between cycle I used 2 proviron every day 1 caber every Sunday & 1/2 letrazol every Thursday as protections But after that I didn't start PCT What should i do please help me 🙏🙏🙏
  17. B

    Histamine intolerance? Rash? Need advice. Diet and bulking

    Hello fellow iron beasts. A couple of years ago I tried a few cycles and was enthusiastic about it and thought that I have done it correctly BUT then I noticed several issues which made me concerned, I got rash on my whole body, plus the other usual side effects that were toleratebale(which...
  18. W

    SARMS Triple Stack Question

    Preparing to run a SARMS triple stack for 12 weeks and was wondering what kind of results I could expect. I know it's a case by case thing but I was just wondering generally what most people gain from something like this. Background Info Age - 25 y/o Weight - 225 lbs Height - 6'0" Body-fat -...
  19. O

    shred transformation

    I am 27 yrs old, 6'3", 170, and 10% body fat. This will be my first time cycle. I have been working out for the past two years. I am currently on a dirty bulk diet counting my Carbs and calories. It has always been hard to gain weight. My goal is to pack on solid muscle and increase my weight...
  20. J

    First time user seeking advice

    COMPLETE stats; Age -- 26 Height -- 5'10 Weight -- 233 lbs (106 kgs) Body fat-- 20% Years of training -- 9.5 years Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) == never, so far completely natural PCT for each cycle --- never needed as natural so far Goals -...