1. M

    PCT problem

    Hello everyone,I was wondering when is the best time to take clomid and nolvadex? I take them before sleep and last few days my sleep is really bad,i wake up every 2 hours
  2. M

    Short vs long cycles

    Many like short cycles more and said that they are able to keep more gains that way,recover much faster and that is much healthier...I would like to see some of your opinions cause i was planning to go EQ for 16weeks but now I am thinking maybe it is not worth it if it would be so hard to recover
  3. M

    Pharmacom mix 1

    Hello everyone i am interested in using pharmacom mix 1 that has 250mg of test and 200mg of EQ so then it would be 500mg of test 400mg EQ per week for 15 weeks...would it be good cycle or would be better if I buy something else and go like 600mg EQ and 250mg test?
  4. AsapSlim

    Question about hcg

    Is hcg necessary for a test e / Lgd stack? If so, is there any type of oral substitute for it, im already nervous about pinning one substance as is
  5. AsapSlim

    First aas cycle advise

    My goal is to put on some serious lean mass like 20 pds or so 33 5'9 185pds 14%bf (will be lower by the time I use) 5 years training (roughly) October I plan to do my first aas cycle, I originally planned on 300mg of test e or c a week for 12 weeks but I hear you can add some dbol from weeks...
  6. M

    how much fat when on cycle

    hey everyone...I was just curious how much fat do u guys think is enough when on cylce? cause almost everyone prefer low fat and very high carb when on cycle
  7. Z

    Trembolone Acetate Brand

    Hello Dylan, I've been watching your videos on YouTube for a while now. I really admire your passion for wanting the best in people by helping them understand the pros and cons of each steroid cycle and also helping people to take the correct dosages of steroid cycles and taking them safely as...
  8. M

    intermittent fasting while on cycle

    so does anyone like to do IF while on cycle? or u think it just better to use something like carb backloading to stay lean and gain some muscle?
  9. M

    pharmacom TEST CYP 500MG WEEKLY

    Right now i am at mid of week 7,really lean and vascular,around 6-7%bf..only thing is that my libido is nothing special,i am never horny like always haha am i the only one or there is some other guys who dont get crazy libido when on test?
  10. AsapSlim

    Looking to lose body fat without losing muscle and possibly gaining mass.

    My current weight: 195 Height: 5'9 age: 33 Bf% 23 I was looking to run a solo ostarine cycle but I'm not sure if I should add s4 or something else. I just want to look ripped while still maintaining/gaining mass. Any suggestions
  11. M

    Pharmacom test Cyp Cyle 500mg per week

    hello guys i am in my 3 week of pharmacom test cyp cycle and I have it for 10 weeks cycle but now i would like to go 12 weeks cycle and my supplier can get me individual vials so 4 vials of 1ml but it will be test enanthate...would it be bad or harmful for last to weeks to switch to test e or it...
  12. E

    Libido gone after TRT and Tren

    I'm 29 currently 210 around 12% bf I've been of gear since November, I pct with HCG, clomid, Nolva and Prami for about 8 weeks I was on TRT for a year and during that year I threw some tren here and there, due to a trip to another country I stop the replacement and tren and pct but my libido...
  13. S

    Female (37yo) thinking about using Winstrol for the first time.

    Hi All, Sarala here. Newbie to the forum. Have been lifting and competed in the past (no gear). I'm 5'4 currently at 140lbs, I am in shape all year around, always watch what I eat. When I say I'm in shape, you know, visible abs. Work out 4-5 times a week. Last year I tried Anavar for the very...