1. R

    Sore Bicep 2 Days After Spot Injection

    Fellow athletes, Dylan. Hope everyone is keeping well. I have a question that I hope I can get some help with. I have experience cycling with various compounds. Years ago I used a slin needle to inject IGF-1 post-workout, into bicep heads. Without issue. Tuesday I spot injected 0.9cc of Deca...
  2. H

    Need help on 2nd cycle

    Hi, I'm 29 yo .. 14%bf .. 164lbs .. 4 years training .. strict diet .. 1st cycle was sustanon 250 x2 injections per week for 12 weeks .. Pct was 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva for 4 weeks. I'm almost done with my 2nd cycle: Wk1-16 deca 300mg ew Wk1-18 sus 250 (500mg ew) Wk1-4 dianabol 30mg ed...
  3. Y

    Bulking Cycle Advice

    In the next week I plan on starting my second month of my bulk and I'm trying to gain more quality weight. I am in my mid twenties and have lifted for a while, i have done a few cutting cycles with win and var before, i am 195 lbs , started at 185 a month ago, 6ft tall and about 13% body fat...
  4. S

    Need help with acne and sebum production

    Hi, so last year I ran a Test only cycle, first cycle ever. Did 400mgs a week. Previously I had 0 acne issues throughout my entire life, and on cycle I also had 0 acne problems or oily skin issues. But when I came off I got a little bit of acne everywhere, shoulders, back and a little on the...
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    Discussion - Steroid Induced Sweating

    Sup guys, sorry for back-to-back thread, wanted to separate the two discussions. I recently began suffering from a bit of Steroid-induced Excessive Sweating. If any of you guys have experience with Steroid Induced Sweating, please help me, and others, out here. Steroid Induced Sweating - My...
  6. K

    SIS Labs - anyone use this?

    So I recently bought some SIS labs testosterone. The packaging looks great, as I am sure some of you know. If you would like I will take a photo of it. Has anybody got an experience with SIS labs, and in particular the test prop?
  7. J

    What is better for fat loss - Testosterone or SARMS?

    Hey guys, For a bulking cycle, steroids are obviously the more effective choice than SARMS - but for a cutting cycle, how would they stack up against one another? Let's take Testosterone (300mg p/week) vs a SARMS triple stack (Cardarine+S4+Osta) as an example. How would they compare in the...
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    Reliable supply

    I am a source of specific tiromel and steroids in general. Information and customs security are confidential. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days after payment is confirmed. Do not know how to introduce you. Ask admin to tell me how. Or you can text me.
  9. M

    Adding to trt

    hello guys...I will need some advice so everyone give me your honest opinion...i was thinking to add maybe 300mg EQ to my trt dose of test and go for 20weeks or maybe something like anavar 30mg for 8 weeks or 30mg Turinabol?
  10. K

    Steroids vs Smoking. Which is worse?

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  11. K

    Testosterone and Kidneys?

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    New here, and to steroids.

    Hello everyone i am 30 years old and been bustin my ass in the gym for the past year and just recently became interested in steroids. i ordered some Nandrolone Decanoate and clomid and im not sure if this is the right choice cuz ive been reading to take test with deca for first cycle. Seeing as...
  13. A

    unbeatable first experience.

    I'm new to these forums and how all of this stuff works so like I said I hope I'm doing this right. If not feel free to comment and I will edit this. I emailed Valhalla for a list. They always respond very quickly. Sometimes as quick as 10-15 minutes and I'd say at the latest, 1-2 days. Super...
  14. K

    want to do first cycle , need all info on it

    hi i am a guy from india age 24 , height 5:10 , weight 69 kg and i have being going to gym from past 1.5 years , i have gained lots of strength and size and lost fat too . I follow proper diet and workout 6 days a week . i want to do my first cycle but i have no idea on what to use and how to...
  15. M

    Short higher dosage cycles vs lower dose long cycles

    What you guys think is more easy to recover faster and keep most of your gains?
  16. H

    Heart Health & Steroids

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at starting a cycle soon but I'm coming across a few big red flags: 1) Effects on the heart - looking at some studies says that they are damaging to your heart by making it weaker. The study that I read said that they don't know whether this damage is irreversible...
  17. N

    Steroids + sarms cycle info needed please

    Hey guys. Intermediate anabolic and SARM's user individually but never together. About to start a new 12 week anabolic lean muscle/cutting cycle + 4 week PCT and was looking for some guidance for 'what/how/when' to incorporate SARMS in with my anabolic cycle. Was considering running GW...
  18. M


    My question is how long after pct should i do blood work?
  19. B

    Blasting crusing sarms help

    So im planning running a 12 week anabolic cycle, (mass belnd of deca and eq) oxys for 1/4 weeks, then at the end of the deca cycle, im unsure to pct or to cruise and add in mk677 till im ready to hit my cut cycle for holiday? Any ideas Also Best test to cruise on? And best pct protocol for 12...
  20. M

    SUggestions for first EQ cycle

    So i am planning to do my first EQ cycle to gain some muscle but still to stay under 10% bf. i have only do 2 cycles before it was test only for 10weeks and test with some oral winstrol for 13weeks,both were 500mg per week. I am 25 years old,about 7-8% bf year round