SIS Labs - anyone use this?

So I recently bought some SIS labs testosterone. The packaging looks great, as I am sure some of you know. If you would like I will take a photo of it.

Has anybody got an experience with SIS labs, and in particular the test prop?
Never heard of them. I'd just stick with the trusted sources here bud. You can't go wrong with that
Hey bro, i can understand why you want to go with SIS labs because of your location.

I never used them but im pretty sure i know exactly who this is. Its the old Infiniti labs rebranded as SIS. IDK if you are a member of UK forums but SIS (or infinity) is a sponser on their site. If your stuff happens to be bunk or underdosed id recommend you make an account on UK-Muscle so you can hold them accountable over there and you will also be able to keep track of the lab itself, how its doing ect.

New labs, and re-opened labs are generally bad news. They are VERY likely to close up shop quicker than they even got started. The only way to know if good your Test Prop is good is to pin it and get bloodwork.

There are other labs like Pharmacom that ship to the UK no problem and they have a PROVEN track record for quality gear. And if you ever have any issues you could actually come to us for help since they are held accountable here.
I've recently been using 50mg Anavar from SIS Labs. I verified the batch code via the website and it came back as a legitimate product. I even emailed the company just to double check and they told me to "use with confidence"

After using a Labmax testing kit I found out it was Winny. Judging by my experience I fully believe this. 3 weeks in my joints were nearly breaking they were so dry. I also experienced some acne and hair thinning.

I've ran Oxandrolone many times before and never experienced any of these side effects even running at high doses such as 80 to 100mg ED.

My advice would be, avoid SIS labs. Or at least their orals anyway!
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