1. OSGear

    Your LOYALTY is rewarded on OSGear!

    Hello, GET IN TOUCH WITH US! Add the forum username in your OSGear account and send us your registered email on our website by PM and get special LOYALTY DISCOUNTS or STORE CREDIT! Submit products reviews, touchdown pictures, log cycle on forum, forum review, blood test and JOIN the OSGear...
  2. T

    My PharmaComStore Review

    Hey everyone. I am giving PCS a 4/5 rating so far in my purchases with them. Keep reading because I have reasons behind giving this rating. I figured by now I should give my review of PharmaComStore! I have placed two orders with them so far. The first order is lost somewhere in limbo with...
  3. Bashup

    My Sorce review: Axio Labs and Mixes

    It took a bit, but this is my review of my recent order from IWGF providing Axio Labs. This was my 1st order from IWGF. I’ll just give an overview of what I ordered and rate the experience overall. NOTE: This is my order, not all combined what I'm running. QDR5Hundred with 1 more QDR5hundred...
  4. M

    Genpharma Review?

    Hey guys, newb. Just registered was using Evolutionary forums but have found and heard good things about the isarms forums. I recently got Test C 250 Genpharma . My boy was getting good gains from it and Im feeling good so far, any experiences? I've researched and heard possibly the brands...
  5. K

    SIS Labs - anyone use this?

    So I recently bought some SIS labs testosterone. The packaging looks great, as I am sure some of you know. If you would like I will take a photo of it. Has anybody got an experience with SIS labs, and in particular the test prop?
  6. Free2burn

    Pharma Lady Bloodwork Global Anabolics Test E

    I'm new to this forum, but I've been checking this out on and off. This review is based on my experience with Global anabolic. This is my 2nd cycle, the first one was with legend pharmaceuticals test e only. Now with global anabolic from pharmalady I did a 12 week test e and deca cycle. I didn't...
  7. U

    Premium lean high protein canned tuna review ! !

    Hi everyone - I did this review on all the top premium canned tuna I know of. Does anyone have any other recommendations for high lean premium canned tuna options then the ones I reviewed?
  8. D

    SarmsX LGD

    Hey Guys, So I was Just wondering about the LGD being sold by SarmsX. All I hear is good things about this site and its products and I know theres many other complanies selling LGD in liquid form like Sarms1, Southern Sarms, etc. I just want to make sure I'm purchasing the right product from the...
  9. The_Gat5

    LEARN FROM ME! Blue Sky Peptide / Evolution Peptides / Southern Sarms Review (FAKE)!

    It's a long title, I know but I'm hoping google will bring people here. I have "tested" SARMS from every one of the websites listed below. I have paid for all of these myself and am posting this in the hopes that people who are trying to find info will turn up this post. If any of you guys...
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