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  • I tried sharing the picture of my results but i dont know how to upload it here ,

    So what do you think i should do bro? Im totally confused now cus thats what the doctor told me that ita gyno and my prolactin was high at that number and reffered me to the endo but my apt isnt till august . Pro hormones are the only thing that i have took toohave flared puffy nipples and a lump under it . When i first started noticing it back then i did have lactation when i would squueze them now i dont . They used to be sensitive but ive been takin a estrogen blocker and are not sensitive anymore . I really have no knowledge in this and wouldnt be able to tell you guys right from wrong , im jus trying to find a answer or help on what to take to help them out
    was not looking to start a fight with you, was just trying to inform you of my opinion that longer esters have less of the hormone in it than shortens, if you disagree with me, so be it, no hard feelings.
    Thanks for the reply but I'm not understanding the layout it's all confusing to me I don't understand what 1-12 means etc sry but I'm just ignorant to the weight lifting /training thing
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