1. Cocopiny

    Recomp/muscle gain cycle advice

    Recently finished 16wk cut cycle- slowly increased dosages to a final of- Tren a- (wk4-12 @200mg/wk) 12-16 350mg/wk Test- 500mg/wk (0 for last 2 peak weeks) Winstrol- 20mg-40mg gradual raise, 50mg last 2 wks Masteron p- 300mg wk4-12, 600mg12-16 See before and afters below. I’d say 18% bodyfat...
  2. N

    Domestic Supply Odin Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol Log

    What’s up my iSarms community! Very excited to start my cycle log for Odin brand: Test Cypionate Deca Masteron Dianabol Winstrol courtesy of the best in class providers at Domestic Supply. Please see attached photo of how my order arrived. Fantastic and prompt communication from their team...
  3. S

    Trenbolone turinabol and test cycle for starters

    I am 46, 6.1’ 211 pounds. I am considering to start the trenbolone, turinabol and test cycle for the first time. My ldl cholesterol is generally on the higher side. Looking for recommendations on dosage, do’s and don’t’s and or experiences from someone who would have tried the first time.
  4. Cocopiny

    Tren to Test Ratio

    Hey guys, currently running: Tbol: 50mg/d Tren e: 250mg/W Test e/ 750mg/W I?m asking what?s the optimum ratio of tren to test... I?ve scowered forums and videos and so many conflicting answers, some say you should use double the test for every mg of tren (so 250mg tren for 500mg test) others...
  5. L

    500mg each week of Testosterone enanthate

    Hi, i just finished my 5th week of testosterone enanthate and I'm the same weight on the scale. I have a scale that can try and measure my muscle mass, body fat percentage, and body fat even though I'm not sure if it's accurate. My friends tell me to focus more in the mirror then the scale. I'm...
  6. C

    Testosterone blood test, thinking about doing TRT

    Looking for clarification on my testosterone blood test Can someone help me interpret these results below? I got it done here in the UK not sure if thats why it has a totally different units of volume system, whihc confused me a bit. I thought about going onto TRT as I have some of the...
  7. B

    Mild Gyno Advice

    Hey guys, I would like to post here about my situation with gyno to see if I can get some help with my situation to see if I am going in the right direction, thanks in advance for the help. To start off I got my run in with gyno after a bad SARM cycle in which I got some bad dosage advice with...
  8. J

    First Test E/Var Cyle - W/ PICS

    I started my first cycle on Feb 27 (5 weeks ago) and I've been running 300 mg test e pw. Will add 50mg var from week 6-12. I've been disappointed with the results so far. My weight has went up about 8lbs (4lbs of which was during) week 1 & 2 but I haven't really noticed much of a difference in...
  9. J

    Sex drive dead and doing every right! As far as I'm aware..

    I literally have no idea what to do anymore! I've tried everything from A to Z... So I have been on and off cycles for the past 2 years. My issue is I keep running into sexual related disasters time and time again. My usually cycles consist of test and deca. Of course I have all protocols at...
  10. G

    how to keep TEST up on sarms cycle?

    Hi everyone.. Ordered everything I want and need for my goals listed below s23 10mg ED rad140 10mg ED lgd4033 5mg ED exemestane 12.5mg EOD diet is moderate carb high protein low fat to start shedding some pounds Im a former powerlifter but now I just want to become an absolute beast. My bf is...
  11. J

    ***Low Test E + Anavar Cycle. Need your opinion.

    I'm 38 years old, 6'2", 200lbs, 11% body fat. Fit & diet is dialed. I'm ready to take it up a notch but want to be smart. My research says this low Test, Anavar cycle + PCT is a smart start to bulking some, shredding, and maintaining my natural Test levels. But before I pull the trigger I wanted...
  12. M

    Aromasin & PCT

    Gonna do a cycle after many years off. Testosterone Enthanate 350mg a week. Armidex anywhere from .025-1mg. From past experience, I'm not gyno prone. My question is about PCT. Should I include Aromasin? Here's the plan. Nolvadex 30/30/20/20. I arrived at the Nolvadex schedule based on the...
  13. P

    Post Cycle Blood Work Please Help

    Hey everybody, I just got post cycle blood work done and my testosterone and LH are significantly low.. Here are my results: Test Name Result Reference Range TESTOSTERONE 67* 250-1100 ng/dL TEST/FREE 13.8* 35.0-155.0 pg/mL Test Name Result...
  14. B

    At a Loss, Low Libido/ED Help Please

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well. I'm officially at a loss and it feels like I'm the only person in the world whos suffering like this, i dont know what i did in my past life to deserve this. I've had a 3 year stint with AAS and i never recovered from my last cycle, however my numbers...
  15. m555zma


    It sucks that alcohol raises estrogen but there's nothing I can drink to raise testosterone : (
  16. I

    Testosterone and Boldenone(Equipoise) Mix

    Hello everyone, I have been searching lately for a mix of some form of Test(Enanthate, Cypionate or preferably Undecanoate) with Boldenone Undecylenate. I have come across only one and it has Test Phenylpropionate in addition to the Cypionate and I will have to pin it EOD so it is not an option...
  17. G

    First time taking testosterone - Need advice

    Hello. I am 35years old and have only 66kg's for last 10years. I train a lot (calisthenics) but I can't gain any weight. I decided I will use sustblood 300. The bodybuilder who sold me this test, told me that this is all I need. No other supplements. He told me to take 750mg per week for 10...
  18. M

    Is it worth doing this cycle.

    I am 23, 6.2, 250lbs, 16 % BF. I'm looking to run my first cycle. I want to ease into gear properly. My current test lv is 820-840 whenever its tested naturally. I'm looking to do a Test Only cycle for cutting, just to preserve muscle while I cut because previously whenever I cut I screw my...
  19. 9

    ball size VS natural test production

    During a cycle, is the size of ball a good indication of how much testosterone body naturally produce during steroid cycle? For example, my ball strinked a lot since the start of a steroid cycle, so that means my natural test level is low as hell On the other hand, if my ball didn't strink at...
  20. T

    Pharmacom Test Cyp, Deca, Dbol and Aromasin. Kind of a log. :)

    Hey people, I made my first order with Pharmacom and arrived, so I will try to log my experience with my goodies! First time logging anything, so if you guys feel I missed something, just tell me! :) I will try and log something after every injection! Here goes. Stats before this cycle...
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