1. Z

    Long cycle advice

    Hi all, Few questions about planning my next cycle Dylan mentioned in his 'my favourite steroid combinations' youtube video a cycle involving: -Test -Equipoise -Primobolan And I am looking at a long cycle for my 4th cycle and from all the great things Dylan has said about these compounds I...
  2. B

    Gynecomastia specialist said its just fat?

    I'm 31 and just finished PCT on my second cycle(500mg a week of test e with .5mg of ADEX) . After coming off PCT i started getting hot flashes and burning in my chest so I jumped back on Nolva and is stopped but now I'm all bloated lower body fat looks higher and my chest which always had extra...
  3. H

    Looking for the components of a beginner test only cycle

    Age: 33 Weight:170 Body fat: Being training for 5yrs So these are my stats any advice on how my cycle should look test alone
  4. M

    SUggestions for first EQ cycle

    So i am planning to do my first EQ cycle to gain some muscle but still to stay under 10% bf. i have only do 2 cycles before it was test only for 10weeks and test with some oral winstrol for 13weeks,both were 500mg per week. I am 25 years old,about 7-8% bf year round
  5. M

    Short vs long cycles

    Many like short cycles more and said that they are able to keep more gains that way,recover much faster and that is much healthier...I would like to see some of your opinions cause i was planning to go EQ for 16weeks but now I am thinking maybe it is not worth it if it would be so hard to recover
  6. M

    Pharmacom mix 1

    Hello everyone i am interested in using pharmacom mix 1 that has 250mg of test and 200mg of EQ so then it would be 500mg of test 400mg EQ per week for 15 weeks...would it be good cycle or would be better if I buy something else and go like 600mg EQ and 250mg test?
  7. M

    PCT after test c cycle

    Hello there guys i am just finishing my test cyp cycle that was 500mg per week for 13 weeks,so should I start my pct 2 weeks after last pin or 3?
  8. AsapSlim

    Hcg or Hcgenerate? Will they have similiar results

    Hello, im thinking about doing a 12 week cycle of test E in the october @ 250mg a week. I was told that most people use hcg at 500iu week 8 but i was wondering if i would be able to use hcgenerate 5ed 1-12 because this is my first pin and im already nervous enough with just test? Or can i just...
  9. M

    Oral winstrol dosing and timing

    hello guys I need advice about oral winny 10mg tabs...i will run it at the end of my test cycle for 4weeks,30mg each day and each tab is what is the best timing to take it and does it matter if I split the doses or take 3 tabs at a same time?
  10. T

    NewPort TNT 400

    Hello Everbody, I'm currently on a TNT 400(150 Tren E, 250 Test E) + Tbol Cycle, i'm almost done my first Vile of TNT, i split the TNT injection to twice a week, and 50mg/day Tbol dosage. I Started this Cycle on May 9. What i'm wondering is how long does it usually take for TNT 400 to kick in...
  11. M

    Pharmacom test Cyp Cyle 500mg per week

    hello guys i am in my 3 week of pharmacom test cyp cycle and I have it for 10 weeks cycle but now i would like to go 12 weeks cycle and my supplier can get me individual vials so 4 vials of 1ml but it will be test enanthate...would it be bad or harmful for last to weeks to switch to test e or it...
  12. B

    3rd cycle help

    3rd cycle goal is to drop body fat and and put on a couple pounds of muscle. I personally like the leaner look so I'm not trying to put on that much weight. Stats: 28 years old, 5'9, 180lb, 10-11%. 2450cal/day 1st Cycle: Week (1-12) Test cyp 400mg/wk Week (1-14) Aromasin 12.5/eod Pct: Clomid...
  13. S

    TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Hi Guys, Just wanted a little advice. My understanding is that a TRT dose is 125mg of test per week. Is this correct? I have also heard some people saying up to 200mg per week is also a TRT dose. I would have thought 200mg would put you above even the high natural levels of test. Does an AI...