Need help with acne and sebum production


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Hi, so last year I ran a Test only cycle, first cycle ever. Did 400mgs a week. Previously I had 0 acne issues throughout my entire life, and on cycle I also had 0 acne problems or oily skin issues. But when I came off I got a little bit of acne everywhere, shoulders, back and a little on the face. Cleared most of it up but I am still getting whiteheads and have very oily skin, I am now back on cycle after about a 6 month period where my spots and oily skin still didn't clear. Any ideas or solutions?
I have a friend who did the exact same as me, and have 0 oily skin or acne issues, I would like you get this sorted.
Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Low dose accutane (10mg) works practically as well as the recommended doses (40-60mg) but with far less side effects. Get on it now. See a doc.

If for some reason you do not want to do this, then get yourself some Benzoyl peroxide gel and Differin gel
I've tried that, and it does work, just a pain in the ass. I would like my skin to go back to how it was before and stop being so oily. Is accutane the best bet? As I'll go to a doc tomorrow and attempt to get some
Your hormones may still be off from your cycle, even with pct. Or you could just be dealing with bacterial infection you haven't been able to control yet. Hopefully your doc will help, good luck bro.
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