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Hey all, so I’m new here to this site and just wanted to give you my input and maybe find some answers from some of you guys. So, currently I’m 26 years old and this isn’t my first time using SARMs before. Each time I do a cycle, I go with RAD-140, LGD, and MK677. When I did my first cycle ever back in 2020, I went with for my SARMs. I had noticed extreme gains and was very satisfied with the outcome of that cycle. One thing I did not get either (and I’ve done 3 cycles with their SARMs) was facial or back acne. When they announced they were done selling SARMs, I started looking around again for a website and gave chemyo a shot. Same thing, bought rad, LGD, and MK. But this time, I noticed I got EXTREMELY oily skin and got absolutely rocked by acne on my face like never before seen. Since, I have stopped taking it and am now taking PCT and damn near three days later, my face is not oily anymore and it’s slowly starting to heal. I read on here that they are known to put prohormones in their SARMs and that would definitely be the answer to why I got such bad acne. This NEVER happened before when I used’s SARMs like I said, and if I even can, I don’t recall getting any acne whatsoever either before I chose chemyo. I tried using acne cream, pads, etc. and it could not even the slightest help stop any acne from these “SARMs”. Anyone experience the same thing trying Chemyo or know anything that could help answer this issue? I did my first cycle when I was 22, and now I’m 26 and shouldn’t look like a 13 year old going through puberty. Thoughts? Comments? Thanks gents!
Chemyo is HORRIBLE! I have covered them many times and have posted scam alerts on multiple forums about them! I had a horrible experience with them myself as did several friends of mine. has also been a big problem since they reopened. There are many extremely bad sarms sites out there now and many of the so called bigger names have made so many fake reviews and spent a ton of money covering their bad practice!
I have covered Chemyo many times on videos and posts... They have been pulling this shit now for years on people.... They have done a nice bait and switch as well where they send out a decent product at first and then send out nothing but terrible, spiked and NOT authentic products after.... They have flooded the internet with fake review sites, plants acting as real users and have paid off places like reddit to post lies about their quality of products... .They are one of the most infamous, low life, scam companies out there...

Also,, especially since reopening, have has an over abundance of issues, complaints and shady business! BE VERY CAREFUL with these places! I have no clue what you used from chemyo, but with that kind of acne, it indicates major hormonal changes and whether it is prohormones or perhaps other oral steroids, you MUST get bloodwork done and likely need a full PCT...

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chemyo has a really bad reputation from people who have used their stuff
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