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Hi all,

Finally got past the heart palpitations on the Ostarine I got from chemyo. Got bloods done, needless to say everything came back normal. (view picture) Doctor said my anxiety got the best of me, and there was definitely something in that Ostarine that induced it. (gave me sinus tachycardia the night I went to get myself checked out) Fucking terrifying. Everything came back clean though, doc told me to follow up w/ cardiologist. Been taking heart supplements and it's pretty much gone now. Needless to say, I don't recommend anyone order from chemyo. (LABS BELOW)


How are these labs?

Also, I'm planning on starting another cycle soon. (Should I even after that whole experience?) That was my first ever cycle, and as you'd imagine it made me contemplate whether or not I should hop back on SARMs. I definitely wanna try getting my anxiety in check beforehand, however, should I run another cycle of Ostarine? Mainly looking to build muscle and shred fat here. Just want to put on a significant amount of mass as I'm probably peaking my genetic max atm.

Let me know your input.. Gonna post rest of lab results soon when I get them (Test, free & total, LH, Estradiol, IGF-1, etc.)
Do note, bloods were taken the night I went and got myself checked on. (6 days after stopping cycle)
Ok, theres more here bro... Im really glad you went so now we can see the other issues...

Your alt and ast are elevated like using an oral steroid... CLEARLY what you had was not a sarm...

alt and ast ranges are as follows.... alt range should be 7 to 55 and ast should be 8 to 48...

albumin is a protein produced by the liver.. you are in the high range there...

your BUN is not terribly high but its still out of range... all of these are issues that you would see from a toxic oral steroid... along with the rising heart rate, which can happen by inducing anxiety at times with potential steroid use... which it certainly appears you were using!

What you were "supposed" to be using is NON TOXIC and WOULD NOT CAUSE ANY OF THIS ESPECIALLY NOT in that short period of time!

this is even more troubling than first thought.. being on it a short time, i dont "think" it would hurt your test levels or potentially estrogen levels, but i would still recommend testing for that and if it were me, i would take a test booster 4 weeks just to be certain and safe bro... THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF but we will make sure people see and know about this!

When you do test your test levels and estrogen, its important to test early in the morning and fasted at least 10-12 hours... i would recommend doing that though bro.. thank you for providing all this info, its very very helpful!
Also, yes, of course you can run a cycle... You just have to be very careful with who you use... You clearly dont have to worry about that now that you know where to buy from with full confidence and trust... Not every company is shady and scummy like chemyo is... You will get true quality from Umbrella or S4S, that's something i can say with confidence!
Wow, this is extremely troubling! While it is very upsetting to see this type of thing, it is excellent you posted your bloodwork and are able to get the proper guidance on how to handle this and what to do! Chemyo is showing to be the lowest class scum of the earth! I would take all of Dylan's advice and guidance and you should be just fine!
One of many reasons we recommend trusted sources. Cant go wrong with or umbrella labs
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